Weekly Dev Call Notes #20 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 20/10/20 notes:

  • DXswap:

    • Release of dxswap-core v.0.2.0, dxswap-depriphery v0.3.0 and dxswap-sdk v0.3.0 done with changes that where required after audits.
    • Release of dxswap-sdk v0.3.0 done with changes to use latest libraries, use rinkeby for testing and add token list fetcher.
    • Working on dxswap-dapp v0.2.0 release, this integrates the design changes from uniswap after adding UNI and using ONE token list by deafult form dxdao.
    • DXswap relayer contract to add/remove liquidity into DXswap could be ready for audit this week.
  • Omen:

    • v1.1.8 relased.
    • Scalar markets curation added.
    • Market view with horizontal navigation added.
    • Improved UI and my market view.
    • Finalizing scalar markets feature design.
  • Mesa: New reselase v1.4.0.

  • Governance:

    • Multicall scheme audit review done, still figuring out how this would be integrated in dxdao governance since issues where found.
    • ERC20Guild tests finished by blockrocket, minor issues found. Some refactor would be done in the ERC20Guild contracts and then we should be good to finish the tests and audit.
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