Weekly Dev Call Notes #19 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 13/10/20 notes:

  • Mesa:
    • TCR moved to xDai.
    • New release in progress.
  • Omen:
    • New release done with lot of UI changes.
    • Better market filtering.
    • 31 issues killed in the last week.
    • New developer joined.
  • DXswap:
    • Audit finished and rinkeby deployment will be done this week following the same process that will be used on mainnet.
    • @luzzifoss is working on integrating the DXdao token list into dxswap-sdk to be used on the dxswap dapp.
    • The fee setter contract was added in dxswap-core contract, allowing another extra address besides dxdao to control swap fees of pairs.
    • @nico designed and implemented the liquidity relayer contract that will be used by dxdao to add/remove liquidity in dxswap.
  • Governance:
    • @nico was working a lot on the MulticallScheme, a new version with long awaited features will be finished soon.
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