Weekly Dev Call Notes #18 Notes

Weekly Developer Call 6/9/20 notes:

  • Omen: Long discussion about curation vs blacklist markets and the impacts of both strategies on the omen dapp, currently markets are being only curated but we potentially integrate a blacklist feature to have ultimate control over the markets listed.
  • Developer Operations: There is a lot of work being done refining the developer operations in the openraise repository, currently working on the v0.3.0. The idea here is to start establishing a common ground for developer operations and coding across all our apps, making it easier for developers to get on boarded and collaborate in multiple projects.
  • DXswap: We talked briefly about the audit results received which were very short and specific, the only bug that found it is already fixed.
  • Governance: This topic took most of the call, we discussed about different solutions for scalability in the smart contract and application level, before the weekly developer call we had a call with daostack where they presented three possible solutions with pros/cons and how their implementation would look like.