Weekly Dev Call Notes #14 Notes

Weekly Dev Call Notes #14 (1/9/20)

  • mesa new version that will include, among other things:

    • Improved way to define the validity of the orders (datepicker + batch Id selector). It will allow to place an order for an specific date and time.
    • Show the actual minimal trading amount. The amount is big and can be dissapointing, but at least sets the expectations. For now it’s for trades with a very decent volume. It’s in the future plans to make the protocol way cheaper.
    • Footer with build on built on top of Gnosis Protocol logo
  • omen:

    • New release 1.1.4.
    • Preparing major release in two weeks with markets curation.
    • 24h volume fixed for new release.
  • wiki: @pepo did a demo over rinkeby, worked pretty good, we will be testing it in kovan.