Weekly Dev Call Notes #12 18/08/20 Notes

Weekly Call Dev Notes #12

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Hey @AugustoL, I was not able to connect to the call but I shared a brief update on Keybase.

Copying here for ref

The integration of the Wiki on Alchemy is fully functional using OrbitDB, and the content is being read and rendered on the dxdao landing page already.

So, in summary, the integration is already functional, and we are now working on the deployment of the support infrastructure (IPFS and OrbtiDB pinners).

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This is the PR (still WIP) to alchemy https://github.com/AugustoL/voting-dapp-daostack/pull/3
This is the PR (still WIP) to the landing page https://github.com/fMercury/dxdao-landing-page/pull/37