Weekly Dev Call Notes #11 Notes

Weekly Dev Call #11 Notes

  • DXdao website: @nicoelzer will fork and maintain the repo from now on.
  • Mesa: New IDOs coming.
  • Omen: New release happening this week, v1.1.4
  • DXswap:
    • DXswap simple scheme will be done by nico in dxdao-contracts repo.
    • dxswap-sdk v0.2.0 release happening now.
    • dxswap-dapp v0.2.0 release happening this week with dymanic fees integrated :slight_smile:
  • Wiki by @pepo: To comment
  • Developer Job Listing: Create an onboarding guide for to help new developers join the dev team.
  • DMM voting tech integration: Talk with Corey form DMM on how to use DXDao DMG tokens for voting, most likely it will be done in DXD ERC20Guild.

Wiki Update:

There were some issues onboarding the team to work on this (the person just quit after a week and a half) but we are back on track: I will be focused on this full-time until the delivery by the end of the month.

So far we have already refactored the uprtcl integration into alchemy to skip a dependency on an external package (@dorgtech/daosmind) that was not needed and made things much more complex.

You can check our progress here https://github.com/uprtcl/alchemy/commits/uprtcl-dxdao-wik.

By the end of the week, we will have the UI finished and will be able to focus on the Kovan deployment and OrbitDB support infrastructure.


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Hey @pepo

Is this a DXdao exclusive scheme or will it be available for other DAOs to utilize?

It will be available to other DAOs but:

  • It needs a DAO-specific Alchemy deploy, using the Alchemy fork developed by dxDAO
  • DAOstack team needs to update the subgraph to add the wiki scheme.
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