Weekly Dev Call #7 Notes

DXDao Weekly Dev Call (14/07/20)


  • Omen:
    • 24h Volume bug fixed.
    • Issues in gas estimation fixed.
    • Custom categories added.
  • DXswap: DXswap v0.1.0 has been deployed on kovan https://github.com/AugustoL/dxdao-contracts.
  • DXtrust: Talk about seting trust.dxdao.eth subdomain to resolve to dxtrust.eth.
  • dxdao-contracts: Repository with test and migrations of all dxdao governance contracts related https://github.com/AugustoL/dxdao-contracts.
  • Kovan Deployment: DXdao will be deployed in kovan and mirror mainnet REP, should have an update next week.