Weekly Dev Call #6 Notes

DXdao Weekly Dev Call #6 Notes (07/07/20)

  • Mesa: Gnosis Protocol AMA is happening on thursday.
  • Omen: Fixes and changes in the user interface, high priority bug that affects the redeems has been reported https://github.com/protofire/omen-exchange/issues/891.
  • Omen Arbitrator: Incentive bug found in omen arbitrator contract, @nicoelzer will share the fixes in development channels.
    • Audit quotes form SignmaPrime and Openzeppelin received, @johnkelleher will continue collecting quotes and share them in few weeks.
  • DXswap: Roadmap published.
  • DXdao on Kovan: It was decided that we will host all DXdao dapps and services for testing porpuses in kovan network, to test the new features there before to be added in mainnnet. We will also have a way to update the REP in kovan to use it as pre-governance app, where the REP holders would execute the same votes that they will on mainnet, this way we will have a quick way to know the acceptance level of proposals before being officially submitted on mainnnet.