Weekly Dev Call #4 Notes

Notes from the call 23/06/20:

  • openraise: dxtrust.eth has been deployed with openraise-dapp 0.2.3 and the proposal setting the ens has passed.
  • omen:
    • Change resolution date to UTC on the frontend.
    • Fix Gnosis Safe Proxy kit gas limit estimation.
    • Warn the user to add at least 6 days to the resolution date to be safe not having an invalid market.
  • mesa:
    • Update UI with one price input field.
    • Fix bug in price calculation when there are trailing zeros on the input.
  • landing-page: Proposal to redirect dxdao.eth on the landing-page 0.2.0 has been created, this will host only the landing page with dxdao information, FAQ, codebase and branding.
  • dxswap: Work has been done on develop branchs of all the dxswap stack, soon a release kovan topic will be created in daotalk.

If you attended the call and want to add any other note fell free to comment!