Weekly Dev Call #3 Notes

Notes from the call (16/06/20):

  • openraise (BC-Dapp):
    • New minor release happened v0.2.2
    • New minor release removing landing and moving to dxtrust happening v.0.2.3
  • omen: Ready to be launched, we should have (now?) the app deployed on IPFS.
  • dx-swap: Merged all core and periphery PRs into develop branches, and changes in style applied over the dxswap-dapp, now testing a deployment in kovan.
  • mix: Work stopped for now because the work proposal is still under review, BUT good conversations have been happening between developers and community, looks like this will resume work this month :slight_smile:
  • landing-page: Looking good, going to make a release this week that will be pushed to dxdao.eth and we will successfully separated it from the openraise-dapp :champagne:
  • DXdao Worker Compensation Guidelines 2020: DAOtalk Topic, Document open for comments Lot of input received, and lot of changes done based on the comments received, it will be submitted with a signal proposal net week :slight_smile:

If you attended the call and want to add any other note fell free to comment!