Weekly call meeting: 9th March 2021, 18.15 CET

Weekly call agenda: 9th March 2021, 18.15 CET

  1. Alpress payments - all
  • All agree to payments to be fre of charge
  • 1000 accounts / block then
  • Air drops to be issued for contributors
  • mainnet version to be called alfa version and followed by beta
  1. Token distribution to be discussed via almonit channel - neiman to kikcstart conversation giving summary and then all to participate, present views
  2. Opening Testnet for public - ready to be presented to the world via Twitter - emre
  3. PR and promotion - Twitter, contact IPFS and speak in their community meetups - neiman, nylon
  4. Development update - mdt
  • release of updated testnet planned for tomorrow
  1. Semi-automatic tool for Twitting ens addresses - to be released tomorrow - emre, eyal