Weekly call meeting: 16 February 2021, 18:15 CET

Meeting date: Tuesday, February 16th 2021, 18:15 CET


  1. What else is left to complete Alpress upgrade? - mdt, eyal, emre
  • copy + paste issue is now resolved
  • URL addresses - hash link replaced with a static name
  • pagination - left as last to complete, should be ready in approx. 2 days
  1. Meeting with Collider - eylon
  • meeting set for Thursday 12:00 CET
  1. IPNS / messaging type system - option to reduce high gas costs
  • contact Almonit blog users ask if they would be interested in using Alpress
  • benefit: single registration cost vs. multiple gas cost for each change/edit to an article
  • contract wallets might have some problems signing / can it be signed by user?
  1. Git Lab / Trello / Jira / /Notion (+integration) / Git hub - kris, mdt to review next meeting (Saturday)
  2. Great news! Dxdao voted to fund the Alpress project! (https://twitter.com/GoAlmonit/status/1361686113132441611)


  1. Alpress DAO on Alchemy - contact DXDAO to check if anything planned to improve DAOstack UX - kris, eyal
  2. Alpress DAO - prepare/write something for the next meeting / eyal
    • regular dao is extremely expensive
    • xdai
    • almonit chain / with validators e.g. neiman, pepesza
    • arbitrum
    • layer 2 DAO, we will design ourselves, possible but difficult to estimate cost
    • dao on mainnet which is a multisig
  3. Git Hub repository - collect all repos in one place
  4. Storage solution - Collect all accounts in one place