Weekly call meeting: 02 March 2021, 18:15 CET

Weekly call agenda 02.03.2021, 18.15 CET

  1. Alpress test bug reprot - mdt
    • test the platform further and,
    • Open any issues/bugs on Git Hub - all
    • stick to the plan
  3. Alpress Payment process - to be discussed next Thursday at 19:00 CET
    • selling/renting subdomains for the cost of $5
    • prevent squatting
    • rent subdomain names for a year?
  4. DAO discussion - suggestions from nylon
    • Launch first mainnet version as Alpha version to take off a pressure (add disclaimer)
    • Create DAO version that would be a multisig of us. This gives us more time to wait for L2 solutions like Arbitrum or make something ourselves.
    • put aside a number of tokens worth 10K USD and give it to writers. the decision is taken by the DAO. This is a form of yield farming: you motivate people to write posts by giving them tokens.