Weekly Call Genesis 5 Nov : Topic - Biz Dev and DAO creation?

In today’s weekly call we had a clear need for stories and help on the creation of new DAOs and business development efforts in getting more DAOs out there.

I propose that in next week’s Weekly Call we invite (if possible) DAO creators like @Luuk and @ruben from CuraDAO someone from the DxDAO (hopefully Matt from Loopring - I will contact him) @orishimand @dOrgJelli as well other DAO creators to share their learnings (please @mention them here). Reply to indicate if you’re up for a quick 8-10 min presentation about how you set up your DAO (u also should get rep for contributing) - some of the main questions I’ve heard are:

  1. How do you decide rep amount and parameters
  2. How do you explain the concept of being in a DAO to your audience
  3. How do you actually get the DAO up and running…
  4. Add more plz

Then those on the biz dev side, let’s talk about the main challenges you have seen from people in setting up DAOs and what resources there currently are to help cc @eric.arsenault @Nave @nathalia @Grace

Thoughts everyone? @liviade are you keen for this? :v: