Web3API <> DXdao MOU Proposal

Hello everyone,

About a week ago, we had @dOrgJelli and @orishim from Web3API/dOrg join our BD call and speak about Web3API

Web3API will be a way to make web3 applications as easy to build as web2.


The benefits of this for web3 developers are:

  • Easily integrate any Web3 protocol by simply adding the Web3API client to your applications
  • Aggregate dozens of protocols into a dApp without bloating the size of the application
  • The ability to interact with Web3 in any programming language through GraphQL (Rust, J Python, Go, C,C#)
  • It’s decentralized, relying only on IPFS for hosting the Web3API packages

Some of the benefits it could bring to the DXdao are - helping its app developers by easily forking APIs and modifying them, as well as improved user flow of integrating with other protocols (like DXswap’s aggregator :wink:) without bloating DXdao’s applications.

The ask
DXdao signs a non-binding MOU agreement (via Alchemy proposal) signalling its intent to explore the use of Web3API in its products and protocols. This will also allow the DXdao’s needs to be prioritized alongside the other Web3API integration partners.

And that would be it! Let me know if you have questions on this. I am sure the Web3API team would be happy to answer. This could make an excellent partnership for both sides in a way that is low/no risk and meaningful.