Wayne's Worker Proposal - Early June 2022 - Late July 2022

Hello Everyone,

Another two months have flown by, and what an amazing two months it has been. There were many personal highlights and milestones for me during this period. I officially finished working at my “9-5er” and joined DXdao as a full time contributor, cementing my fall DAOn the rabbit hole! This granted me the opportunity to devote all my “thinking” time to DXdao and how I can contribute and add value (while proofreading, I wanted to change devote into DXvote :laughing: - shows how much I have been DXdao’d!)

On top of all the professional growth, I was given the opportunity to attend ETHAmsterdam which was another milestone in my web3 journey. Definitely on par with finding DXdao for the first time. Meeting the contributors, whom I had only spoken to on calls and heard in meetings, irl was just plain fantastic and will remain with me always!

From a personal point of view: the meeting, talking, having dinners and getting to know one another was totally humanizing and heartwarming, and I enjoyed every minute. From a professional point of view, seeing the contributors in action both on and off the stage was awesome! I learnt so much from them about how to interact with other attendees and how to present DXdao. It is difficult to quantify all the subtle lessons here, but in a nutshell, for me the ETHAmsterdam experience was invaluable and unforgettable from both the personal and professional aspect.

When I look back and reflect on the past two months I can only be grateful. I am super excited for what the next two months will hold as I further delve into all things DXdao and web3. It is difficult for me to comprehend that it has only been 4.5 months since starting with DXdao.

Thank you all once again and as always I welcome any feedback, notes or criticism.


Social Media and Community Growth Contributor

Time frame:

2 Month Period - 31.05.2022 - 25.07.2022 (40 hours/week)

Reflection on goals and responsibilities:

What I think I did well in relation to my goals:

1. Improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products and services.

I am happy with the increase of my knowledge in this regard. While I still have lots to learn I no longer feel like I am fumbling around in the dark.

2. Continue clarifying existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities and take them on as my “own”.

In the past two months I made a point of identifying as many aspects of DXdao’s operations that fall within the community notification framework to ensure that I take “ownership” of these. To make sure the correct information goes out in a timely manner. While there is still work to be done in this area, progress has been good and systems are being created and falling into place.

3. Get to know the remaining key contributors that I have not yet met.

I have gotten to know more contributors and ETHAmsterdam helped a lot with this. I will continue to slowly introduce myself to the community and make contact.

What I think I did well in relation to my Responsibilities:

1. Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere:

Tweets have been coming out in a consistent and timely manner. Quality has been good with an added focus on highlighting the efforts of contributors who represent/ed DXdao in a public manner.

2. Social Engagement:

Between my activity on Twitter, Medium and at ETHAmsterdam I think that I have been part of the collective that has helped increase the awareness of DXdao and its products. I would also add that while I did this for the public, I picked up a whole lot of knowledge and awareness for myself at the same time.

3. Communications:

I think there has been solid activity and execution on content across Twitter, Medium and Discord.

What I think needs improvement in relation to my Responsibilities

1. Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere.

The Social Highlights program: I have not explored the social highlights program fully. This still needs attention and I will look at allocating time to it during this contributor time frame.

1:10 post to engagement ratio: This happens, but not as consistently as I would like and I need to clarify certain elements of this. This still needs attention and I will look at allocating time to it as well.

While I have not addressed these two elements fully up to this point, as my systems of operations fall into place I foresee time freeing up, and organizing these will be on the top of the list to tackle.

2. Social Engagement:

  • I still have to analyze competitors, complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter. I hope to allocate time to this, depending on urgency and priority.

  • While I have created content, it has been part of the ongoing events and affairs of DXdao. I have spent some time thinking about where I can add value in developing additional content, but not taken strong actionable steps yet. I will look to nail down a topic and formulate an actionable plan and system during this period.

3. Growth Marketing:

Again during this period I only briefly looked at metrics at times to see how things were going during certain times. This needs more time and I will be looking at discussing this more with @KeenanL, especially as this aligns with the DXvoice Budget and KPIs.

Some thoughts:

I realize now more than ever that things move at lightning speed in web3. I get a sense that things are changing in DXdao. With the increase in developer power, upcoming release of guilds, Arbitrum Odyssey, Carrot v1 and two major conferences ahead to name but a few, it is clear that DXdao is shifting into a higher gear. This is going to bring many opportunities and challenges and I aim to do my part in helping the collective deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

I think that as I achieve my goals and fulfill my responsibilities I will be able to provide the communication systems DXdao requires to inform the community in a fashion that is both fun and informative.


  1. Continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products and services. (By the look of things, this will become a rolling goal as things change so fast, and there will always be something new to learn).
  2. Continue clarifying existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities and take them on as my “own”.
  3. Get to know contributors that I have not yet met.


Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere.

  • The Social Highlights Program: Clarify, update if need be and implement.

  • The application of the 1:10 post to engagement ratio: clarify and implement.

Social Engagement:

  • Identify and analyze competitors, complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter and Discord.
  • Help increase awareness of DXdao and its products, and drive social engagement with the relevant DXdao Twitter accounts.
  • Explore DXdao history and future to assist in developing a content generating strategy to add to mediums deemed acceptable by DXdao.

Growth Marketing:

  • Analyze data and track metrics of tweets to determine what is working and what is not and to optimize tweets according to target audience.


  • Assist with ideating and executing campaigns across owned and other media channels as my awareness and knowledge grows.

Previous proposals:

25.01.2022 - 04.04.2022: 2.5 month Trial period
05.04.2022 - 30.05.2022


This compensation proposal is being submitted in accordance with the current DXdao Worker Guidelines and the current DXdao Pay Structure

I have previously stated that I believe my past experience places me within all the levels 1-4, primarily 3 & 4. When starting at DXdao I volunteered to start my contribution at level 3 as a show of good faith, to prove that I have a work ethic in line with that which is expected at DXdao. I have worked the past 4.5 months at that level and after discussion with my squad lead @KeenanL, he agrees that I have delivered on my promises and that I now also more thoroughly fit within the level 4 of the contributor pay structure. So for these reasons and unless there are any objections, I will be moving to the contribution level 4 for the foreseeable future.

Experience Level: 4
Month one.

  • $6,000 (xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

Month two.

  • $6,000 (xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

The full 2 month period.

  • $12,000 (xDAI)
  • $8,000 (DXD) to be paid in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff. The vesting contract would be created and funded in the future after 25.07.2022 and use 31.05.2022 as the starting date of the vesting.
  • 0.3334% (REP)

:netherlands: DXAmsterdam


Time is absolutely flying by. It felt like only a few days ago when I left this comment on Wayne’s previous proposal.

As mentioned above, I believe Wayne has proved himself capable of level 4. To paraphrase the updated contribution guidelines directly:

Wayne “might not have as much experience with crypto, but still [has] relevant prior experience. [He] can work independently on tasks assigned to [him] but still [requires] some direction and review.”

Wayne is clearly dedicated to improving each and every day, becoming increasingly independent while effectively completing any tasks assigned to him by not only myself, but other stakeholders.

I support this proposal and level adjustment, and am excited to take a part in Wayne’s continued growth at DXdao.


Thank you and I appreciate the support Keenan. You have been instrumental in my growth and I appreciate the willingness to teach me and the time taken to do so. I look forward to the future Voice adventures :rocket:


Wayne has been a great contributor to collaborate alongside over these past few months. He takes initiative on tasks, produces quality work, and has been an excellent addition to DXVoice. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet him IRL in Amsterdam and look forward to his further contributions!

I support this proposal and level adjustment :rocket:


Thank you so much for the kind words and vote of confidence Melanie. I really do appreciate it. I too am happy we met in Amsterdam and look forward to future collaborations. Also, thanks a million for all the help during the on-boarding! It’s a lot in the beginning and would have been more stressful without having you there to help and guide. Cheers!


Big congrats! Been great working with you so far and looking forward to building together in the future.


Thank you John, it has been great and I am also looking forward to it! It’s funny you quote the “the fall DAOn the rabbit hole” bit, because you on the Blec podcast were definitely part of that final push :rofl:. So it was really cool to meet you in Amsterdam, and talk one on one. Thanks again.


True, that was the inception! I remember highlighting your Twitter thread after the ‘Proof of Decentralization’ podcast on DAOs with Chris Blec. That served as a proof of concept for your future contributions.


Thanks a million Nathan! So right you are! Also one of my favorite movies of all time.