Wayne’s Worker Proposal - Late July 2022 - Late Sep 2022

Hello Everyone, :slightly_smiling_face:

It is nearing the end of 4 months with me as a full time contributor, and this proposal will see me the final stretch of the way to 6 months. So far every time I do a proposal, it makes me stop and think about time and how it passes in this space. It has the strangest effect on me. It feels as though I have lived half a lifetime in the mere six months since starting with the DAO. When I look back I can barely even remember how my life was before DXdao, and the surprising thing I realize is that I have not even spent a minute thinking about it either.

I had my opinions about it before I started at DXdao, and it was one of the main draws to the DAO, but the buidlers market has truly highlighted the immense talent that DXdao has amassed over the past few years. From teams building products that basically outshine competitors’ on almost every level to amazing treasury management, DXdao’s contributors are without a doubt of the highest caliber and one of the DAO’s most valuable assets. I feel privileged to be around you all and to be able to learn from you.

Speaking of which, ETHCC is a week away and it seems I will be meeting most of the remainder of the team there. I am very excited about this and I am sure this will be another memory for the books.

Thank you all once again and as always I welcome any feedback, notes or criticism.

Social Media and Community Growth Contributor
Time frame:
2 Month Period - 26.07.2022 - 25.09.2022 (40 hours/week)

Reflection on goals and responsibilities:

What I think I did well in relation to my goals:

Improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products

Since starting at DXdao, this has been my primary goal, and it was mainly out of necessity. While this goal is no longer a necessity, it has without a doubt become my favorite objective. Even though this is a moving target, increasing my grasp on all things DXdao is just such a fantastic experience. The knowledge is becoming more natural to recall, and I am starting to see a future where I can freely discuss most aspects of DXdao and its products.

Continue clarifying existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities and take them on as my “own”.

I am really happy with my progress here. The planning and preparation has paid off, and the heavy “catch up” phase is finally over. It has allowed me space to breathe and be of use in other fields.

Get to know the remaining key contributors that I have not yet met.

This has started to take on a new dimension with the deepening of ties. I am enjoying this new phase of getting to know contributors more intimately and am looking forward to continuing this in the future.

What I think I did well in relation to my Responsibilities:

Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere:

This remains a focal point for me and I am happy with how things are going here. I love this part of my work and actively engage in this.

I made a point of focusing on the 1:10 post to engagement ratio and feel comfortable that I have finally made this part of my workflow.

Social Engagement & Communications:

I have remained on top of highlighting the social engagements of DXdao, its products and contributors, and have been an integral part of contributing to the needed content relative to me.

What I think needs improvement.

Time Management:

Since joining DXdao full time and without fully realizing it, I have been spending almost 10-12 hours a day sitting in front of the computer, and on many days only going to bed when the sun rises. Over the past week I have realized that this is not sustainable long term and I should be careful so as to not run myself down and cause burn-out. I realize now that burn-out can easily affect me too.

Social Engagement:

I have yet to analyze competitors and complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter. With unexpected events and issues always arising (especially over the last two months), I have found it difficult to assign time to this task.


I would still love to create content for DXdao on a more consistent basis, but have not been able to find time to do this yet.


  1. Continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products and services.
  2. Maintain existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities.
  3. Continue to contribute to the DXvoice squad in a flexible manner which adds value to the squad and to the greater DAO.


Twitter Focus and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere.**

  • Continued application of the 1:10 post to engagement ratio

Social Engagement:

  • Help increase awareness of DXdao and its products, and drive social engagement with the relevant DXdao Twitter accounts.
  • Explore DXdao history and future to assist in developing a content generating strategy to add to mediums deemed acceptable by DXdao.
  • Identify and analyze competitors, complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter and Discord.

Growth Marketing:

  • Analyze data and track metrics of tweets to determine what is working, what is not, and to optimize tweets according to the target audience.


  • Assist with ideating and executing campaigns across owned and other media channels, as my awareness and knowledge grow.

Previous proposals:

25.01.2022 - 04.04.2022: 2.5 month Trial period
05.04.2022 - 30.05.2022
31.05.2022 - 25.07.2022


This compensation proposal is being submitted in accordance with the current DXdao Worker Guidelines and the current DXdao Pay Structure

Experience Level: 4

Month one.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

Month two.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

The full 2 month period.

  • $12,000 (xDAI)
  • $8,000 (DXD) to be paid in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff.
  • 0.3334% (REP)

The first proposal will request Month one’s xDai at the beginning of the period. The second proposal will request Month two’s xDai, and 0.3334% mainnet REP on GC at the end of the period.


:boom: :joy_cat: Wayne to go!