Wayne’s Worker Proposal: 26.11.2022 - 25.01.2023

Hello Everyone,

We are almost at the end of the year and 2023 is in sight. The new year is always a time for retrospect and it’s pretty cool that it closely coincides with this proposal. It gives me an opportunity to look a little further back.

Tuesday 25.01.2022 was the first day that I officially started at DXdao. Exactly a year later will be the last day of this proposal. I remember driving home the Monday before. It was snowing a lot so it was really slow-going home. I was listening to the Bizdev call that had just started and was about 5 minutes away from home when I heard Eylon say “we have a new member introduction tonight, Wayne, who we will hear from in a few moments’'!

I tell you, I panicked! My heart rate jumped by like 30 beats per minute because I was not prepared at all and here I am in a snowstorm and naturally not wanting to make a bad impression I just stopped in the middle of the road, threw on my hazards and grabbed the phone. Luckily it was a quite road! To this day I don’t remember what I said, but I do remember how exhilarating it felt to finally be starting my DAO journey. I can be a sentimental old fool and could go on and on about the memories, but I am going to contain myself and just say that I have loved it and thank you all very much. People and the way they interact and coordinate has always fascinated me and being part of the DAO has been one of my most eye-opening journeys yet. I know we have our challenges, but I have seen the people I am here with now and I am betting we are going to figure it out.
With DEVCon and the retreat in the rear view mirror, I find two things stay with me from that time. Both very prominent and important to the future of the DAO.

The first is our vision, “Enable Community Freedom”. This is such a powerful vision and what makes it more so is that it came from all of us, without forcing it. It just came out! I said it in my recap and I am going to say it again here, this is nothing short of amazing. What I truly love is that I can already see it working its magic.

The second one is communication. I am sure we have all heard it at one time or another that communication is the key to a healthy relationship. I guess growing up in an environment where communication was either toxic or non-existent, made me a stickler for it, especially here in my old age. I would go one step further and say that healthy communication is key to having a healthy relationship. I look forward to seeing how we tackle this. Bound to be interesting times.

I will keep mentioning this because I think it is an important element for us to realize to create a healthy team environment. I think the DXdao’s contributors are an amazing group of individuals. I feel privileged to be around you all and to have this opportunity to learn from you.

Thank you all once again and as always, I welcome any feedback, notes or criticism. This post will be on the forum until 21.11.2022, when it will go on chain for voting to conclude on 26.11.2022.

Social Media and Community Growth Contributor

Time frame:
2 Month Period - 26.11.2022 - 25.01.2023 (40 hours/week)

Reflection on goals and responsibilities:

What I think I did well in relation to my goals:

1. Improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products

My knowledge of all things DXdao and DAOs in general is constantly growing and I am loving how this is starting to fall into place for me. Even though I still have plenty to learn (and only a fool thinks he knows everything), I do now think I have sufficient knowledge that I can talk freely about DXdao’s governance, Swapr, Carrot and even though not a DXdao product, Nimi. I am not sure how we would classify Infinite, but I have also gained a solid understanding of what it takes to host and promote a hackathon.

I have made a point of spending more time interacting with different contributors from different products and squads to get a better understanding of their products. I have also made a point of creating more content surrounding these products which further aids my learning about them. I have really been enjoying this and since our return from Colombia we have been pushing to create solid content around Swapr.

I have also participated in DAVI and Carrot testing which has been great for a more thorough understanding of how they work and I look forward to more of this. It has been fun working with the devs more directly and not being so distant from each other.

2. Continue clarifying existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities and take them on as my “own”.

This continues to happen and I most likely will need to take on more as time goes by. I feel that I have become proactive in this area, especially around recurring operational responsibilities. With regards to new initiatives, if it requires my involvement I make a point of being a reliable team member who can be counted on. As previously stated, this is an ever evolving activity and with changes on the horizon with regards to the Restructuring and Refocus drive, I will remain vigilant in maintaining this level of commitment and output in helping design and create new systems of operations. This is an exciting time for the DAO and I am happy to be a part of these changes.

3. Get to know the remaining key contributors that I have not yet met.

What can a man say here other than, meeting everyone in Colombia was absolutely fantastic! I loved, loved, loved the retreat! (not the damn mosquitoes). I enjoyed all the jokes, laughter and meals together. I really had such a lot of fun getting to know you all better, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would even endure the 30 hours of traveling, but I think I would draw the line at a mosquito heavy location. Maybe.

Being in such close proximity and even for such a short period of time was amazing and just what the DAOctor ordered. It gave me insights and understanding that had been slightly missing for me. I look forward to the next time, whenever that might be.

What I think I did well in relation to my Responsibilities:

1. Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere:

October was dominated by Infinite, Devcon and the retreat. Twitter time was predominantly over the Infinite period and there was a lot of engagement during that time. Over Devcon and since we have returned it has been more sporadic, focusing mainly on highlighting existing information and products.

I will continue to make Twitter a focal point and continue the 1:10 post to engagement ratio activity.There was a lot of discussion with me at the retreat about taking the Twitter accounts in a more “personal and less stiff” direction. This has been discussed with Keenan and will be a point of discussion in the future.

The cryptoverse and Twitter has gone and is still going through some crazy times and it will be interesting to see where things go from here.

2. Communications:

I continue to get better at creating content for DXdao and also in doing so on a more consistent basis. I made it a point during this proposal period to continue helping in content creation. Also in working with more contributors to open up more avenues of content creation and feedback. Unfortunately some articles in backlog never made it out, but I guess that is par for the course. Sometimes market conditions shift priorities and dictate what needs to be published. Swapr content is front and center right now, especially with Arbitrum Odyssey on the horizon. This is a great opportunity for Swapr and we are working on pushing as much info as possible (within reason of coure). As DAVI becomes more mainstream and we get ready to open it up to the world for public testing, I am certain that it will also produce great opportunities for content.

This area is very exciting for me. With the passing of the second stage “Restructuring and Refocus” which solidified the DXdao vision as “Enable Community Freedom” I see many opportunities for us to communicate and in a more unified way. It is going to be an exciting time.

3. Time Management:

I got this under control to a large degree. I no longer spend an unreasonable amount of time in front of the computer. I have focused my time on certain activity windows depending on my colleagues’ activity windows in such a manner that there is overlap and opportunity for communication, but not to the degree that I am heading to bed as the sun rises. I feel more refreshed and not so haggard. With this improved time management I also have more time with my family.

What I think needs improvement in relation to my Responsibilities

1. Participation:
During the retreat, I recognized that participation in communication and the happenings of the DAO by the contributors was one of the key topics. Since joining the DAO I have taken a very reserved position in participating in ongoing conversations and have not been a regular participant in conversations. I will aim to rectify this and participate where I see my experience and knowledge can add value to the situation.

2. Social Engagement:
I am still struggling to keep up with this especially because we had so many great representations over the last few weeks. As I said before, I really think it is important to highlight our contributors’ engagement with the greater web3 community. It is important from the perspective that it keeps DXdao in the minds of the community. Since we have entered a stage now where we are primarily focusing on existing achievements I will make a point to catch up on this in the coming two months. There are a lot of very important items to cover and I hope to see them out sooner rather than later.


  1. Continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products and services.
  2. Maintain existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities.
  3. Continue to contribute to the DXvoice squad in a flexible manner which adds value to the squad and to the greater DAO.
  4. Participate in discussion surrounding areas of operation to which I can add value.


Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere:

  • Devise relevant Twitter Campaigns with relevant parties.
  • Maintain a constant information stream relevant to the product and its users.

Social Engagement:

  • Help increase awareness of DXdao and its products, and drive social engagement with the relevant DXdao Twitter accounts.
  • Continue to assist in generating content supporting the activities of the DAO to add to the relevant mediums deemed acceptable by DXdao.
  • Identify and analyze competitors, complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter and Discord.

Growth Marketing:

  • Analyze data and track metrics of tweets to determine what is working, what is not, and to optimize tweets according to the target audience.


  • Assist with ideating and executing campaigns across owned and other media channels, as needed.

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26.09.2022 - 25.11.2022

I am also claiming the tax that I had to pay for my hotel in Bogotá, $476. I needed a visa for Colombia and the hotel explained that the visa I was on did not allow for tax exemption. I increased my stay to make sure that I was in Colombia ahead of time to help with the Infinite hackathon and have paid for those two days myself, $452. Per the Colombia Stipend proposal, extra costs needed to be cleared by Melanie and I discussed this with her and she confirmed this is ok.


This compensation proposal is being submitted in accordance with the current DXdao Worker Guidelines and the current DXdao Pay Structure

Experience Level: 4

Month one.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

Month two.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

The full 2 month period.

  • $12,000 (xDAI)
  • $8,000 (DXD) to be paid in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff.
  • 0.3334% (REP) To be claimed at the end of this worker proposal.

These services are provided through DevX AG.