Wayne’s Worker Proposal: 26.09.2022 - 25.11.2022

Hello Everyone,

It has now been six months working as a full time contributor to DXdao. I know that I mention this on all of my worker proposals, so I will not go into detail here, but I just can’t help saying that it is still an amazing experience to me, this “time” thing in web3.

With DEVCon around the corner, I am very excited to see everyone again (and to meet the few people I have not yet met), to attend the Infinite Hackathon and to get to spend some more personal time with everyone in Cartagena. It is really going to be great, and as we get closer to the date it seems that ETH Bogotá is going to be BIG. Momentum is building and I can see it on the feeds, chats and channels.

With nearly every DXdao contributor descending on ETH Bogotá, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with, and with Nimi in our midst, I am super excited. To side-track a little, I really love Nimi and think it is an awesome product and idea. I love using my Nimi profile. It was so funny to see the recent tweets from the Nimi account of Dave with the bag over his head and Adam the Boss sitting pounding away at that Mac. They were awesome!

I mentioned it in my last proposal, but I think it is worth repeating. DXdao’s contributors are an amazing group of individuals. I feel privileged to be around you all and to have this opportunity to learn from you.

Thank you all once again and as always, I welcome any feedback, notes or criticism.

Social Media and Community Growth Contributor
Time frame:
2 Month Period - 26.09.2022 - 25.11.2022 (40 hours/week)

Reflection on goals and responsibilities:

What I think I did well in relation to my goals:

Improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products

As stated before this is my favorite objective and, even though this is a moving target, I am still 100% committed to this and adding to my knowledge all the time. I realized now when I was attending ETHWarsaw that I could draw on information about Swapr and Carrot without trouble and present it in a way that is both understandable to the recipients, as well as flattering to the product and the team building it. This was a great realization after I received my first “So what makes your DEX/AMM different from all the other ones on the market?” and “so what does DXdao do?”. FYI, when asked what DXdao does, I said “we grow Carrots and take care of Monsters” - people loved that answer, especially when I went on to explain the products behind that cheeky answer.

Continue clarifying existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities and take them on as my “own”.

Taking responsibility for the areas that one would deem fall under my purview has always been one of my primary objectives and one that I take very seriously. Organizations usually fill positions for two reasons. One, the need to have the work done and two, to alleviate the stress and workload of existing personnel who are currently fulfilling those obligations. It was therefore paramount that I clearly identify and take over these responsibilities. In my assessment, based on the feedback from my peers, this goal has been achieved. Since it is an ongoing activity, I will remain vigilant in maintaining this level of commitment and output.

Get to know the remaining key contributors that I have not yet met.

Paris was a wonderful opportunity to meet all the contributors that I had not yet met. Specifically @KeenanL and @international.blue with whom I work closely on a regular basis. Personal contact is truly important for fostering sound working relationships, I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the “whole” of DXdao. It seems that we will be short only one or two contributors who won’t be attending, so it is bound to be an amazing experience.

I would add that I do not think it a bad idea for us to have occasional calls with our cameras on, for two reasons: visual representation of what we are saying helps with communication, and it usually does not extend meetings beyond their point of usefulness keeping meeting short and sweet. Either way, just a thought.

What I think I did well in relation to my Responsibilities:

Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere:

I do not see this changing as a focal point for me as this plays a major role in DXdao’s communications and notification structure. It is also the primary reason I was taken on by the DAO and I must say that I am very happy with how things are going here. As the needs of the DAO become clearer and my knowledge expands, I am able to deliver better and more consistently. This is my favorite part of the work (other than meeting you all at conferences that is), and I look forward to expanding and growing here.

I continue to make a point of focusing on the 1:10 post to engagement ratio and actively seek out mentions and content related to the DAO, its products and contributors. This engagement is also increasing in quality as my knowledge of DXdao and the ecosystem has grown.


As I stated in my previous proposal, creating content for DXdao on a more consistent basis was a personal objective of mine. I made it a point during this proposal to help in the content creation and was very happy to be a part of a lot of the work that went out over the past two months. There are even some articles in backlog waiting for the right time to be published. With ETH Bogota coming up, front-run by Infinite, I can only imagine all the juicy bits and pieces I will be able to gather and put together. It is bound to be great! Please wear your “Do Not Photograph” sticker around me at all times if you do not want photos taken and if you go on stage, well then I have to say that it’s fair game.

What I think needs improvement in relation to my Responsibilities

Time Management:
I am still spending 10-12 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with a few hours each on Saturdays and Sundays sitting in front of the computer. I mentioned in my last proposal that I have built up this habit and while I do go to sleep slightly earlier, this has only slightly improved. I need to pay more attention to this and will continue to focus on this over the next two months to make sure I remain productive. Right now it does not seem like burn-out can affect me, but I have been warned to be careful. Thank you to those of you who have cautioned me of this.

Social Engagement:
In the past I have always made it a priority to highlight our contributors’ engagement with the greater web3 community. Be it on stage, on Twitter or a podcast. I think this is very important and good for the DAO on many levels. It highlights to the outside world that we support our contributors and their actions while representing the DAO. It shows our contributors that we as a community support and value them and lastly, it always gives me an opportunity to learn more about the DAO, about the person presenting and the space in general.

With everything leading up to ETH Paris and shortly after, time was in short supply and I was not able to highlight three events. We had a multitude of other initiatives and announcements that kept taking precedence over these and because I did not plan time allocations for unexpected events, I found myself unable to get them out. I am not happy about this for the professional reasons above and for personal reasons.

This needs attention and I will say that I have established a new routine that allows for allotting time to “unexpected events” when I know there have been appearances from contributors. Murphy’s law, I was recently presented with similar conditions to the time surrounding ETH Paris, so it was a great time to test this new routine. While there was a little pressure, I still had available time and I was able to push out the work I wanted to get out. I hope to see continued and increased success with this in the future.


  1. Continue to improve my knowledge and understanding of DXdao and its different products and services.
  2. Maintain existing operations/campaigns that fall within my scope of abilities and responsibilities.
  3. Continue to contribute to the DXvoice squad in a flexible manner which adds value to the squad and to the greater DAO.


Continue to focus on Twitter and the interaction of DXdao within the Twittersphere.

  • Devise relevant Twitter Campaigns with relevant parties.
  • Maintain a constant information stream relevant to the product and its users.

Social Engagement:

  • Help increase awareness of DXdao and its products, and drive social engagement with the relevant DXdao Twitter accounts.
  • Continue to assist in generating content supporting the activities of the DAO to add to the relevant mediums deemed acceptable by DXdao.
  • Identify and analyze competitors, complimentary organizations and their communication strategies on Twitter and Discord.

Growth Marketing:

  • Analyze data and track metrics of tweets to determine what is working, what is not, and to optimize tweets according to the target audience.


  • Assist with ideating and executing campaigns across owned and other media channels, as needed.

Previous proposals:
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05.04.2022 - 30.05.2022
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26.07.2022 - 25.09.2022


This compensation proposal is being submitted in accordance with the current DXdao Worker Guidelines and the current DXdao Pay Structure

Experience Level: 4

Month one.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

Month two.

  • $6,000 (6000xDAI)
  • $4,000 (DXD)
  • 0.1667% (REP)

The full 2 month period.

  • $12,000 (xDAI)
  • $8,000 (DXD) to be paid in a vesting contract continuously for three years with a one year cliff.
  • 0.3334% (REP) To be claimed at the end of this worker proposal.

These services are provided through DevX AG.