Wayne - DXParis & DXColombia Contributor Stipend Request

Hi All,

I am really excited to see you all in Paris. Time is approaching fast!

Below are the details for my DXParis & DXColombia Contributor Stipend request:

DXParis: :fr:

  • Daily stipend - $300
  • Transportation - $500
  • Accommodation - $800

DXParis Total: $1600

DXColombia: :colombia:

  • Transportation - $1450
  • Accommodation - $2300

DXColombia Total: $3750
(Daily stipend, visa, ticket, and covid testing to be claimed at a future date)

Grand Total: $5350


I just saw that your proposal is upvoted and boosted but it is at least +150 USD on the transportantion, the max stipend for transportation is 1200 form europe plus 100 usd from bogota to cartagena.

Are you flying from europe or north america? If you are flying from america the max on trasnportation is 1100 ud, and europe 1300.

We can let it pass, but when you claim your daily expenses you should take in count what you are requesting here over the stipend limit.

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Pretty sure the numbers are:

Transportation to Bogotá - $1000 N. America/S. America or $1200 Europe

Transportation to Cartagena - $250

Making the total from Europe $1450

See here: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmV31CFHwG9hFW8G2VKyKzeEwgRQRNwRVqbr1WFSxqKd8B


ok, my bad! sorry @whatt4 :grimacing:


Hey All,

Received my visa yesterday, so now all the details have been taken care of :smiley:

I will be claiming the remainder of my DXColombia stipend:

• Daily stipend: $1125
• Devcon ticket: $300
• Covid testing: $100
• Visa costs: $105

Total: $1630