Want to join the Almonit team?

Want to join the Almonit team?

Almonit is looking for web developers and designers to join the development of Alpress project. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to hop in on a project we have been developing for nearly a year and contribute to its growth.

Alpress is a self-governing publishing platform, based purely on ENS + IPFS and smart contracts. Alpress looks like a traditional platform i.e., Medium with the difference that is fully decentralized and self-governed.

Alpress is a big project! We prefer contributors who can work half or full time on it.

Compensation is done with Alpress tokens. That’s how we all get compensated for our work. Read more about Alpress Token compensation here.

What we need?

  • Designers: to design Alpress platform look, logo or brand.
  • Backend/Frontend developers:
    • Backend stack: Typescript + Web3 + IPFS + Ganache (without Truffle)
    • Frontend stack: React + Redux + Saga + Web3 + IPFS
  • Ethereum Solidity developers.
  • Rust developers.

Interested? get in touch in: