Want to Contribute to the DXdao? Check out the Bounty Billboard (Draft)

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for driving contribution to the DXdao by people who are interested in participating but don’t know who to ask, and whether they’ll get compensated. I do believe the DXdao is willing to pay people who contribute to the DAO. There’s just no easy way to know what DXdao needs, and what to ask for if you actually contributed something. This billboard is meant to address that.

While the numbers aren’t final, I already got one inquiry for someone who wants to tackle one of these bounties. I think it would be a great way to see who’s contributing and have an answer for those who say “I want to get involved, what can I do?”

If this is something the community wants, I and whoever is interested will help maintain the billboard.

What do you think?


This looks good! Would be happy to help write a couple of these!


By write, you mean add bounties to the billboard or be a contributing writer?

Also, does anyone have feedback on the reward amounts? Fair/unfair?

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I would definitely consider contributing as an occasional developer if such a billboard was kept with well-scoped projects.


Cool, I dmed you on Keybase

contributing writer :slight_smile: