WalliD ETH signatures for DocuSign - A complete web 3 Signature tool for DAOs

Hey everyone :wave: ,

As part of our mission we are helping DAOs adopting Web3 signature standards, by enabling Ethereum wallet signatures to be embedded in PDF and by enabling the permanent storage of the original signed files on the Blockchain.

WalliD built an integration with DocuSign to enable the signature of documents with wallet addresses and ENS domains, backed by NFTs and have limited open spots for private beta users who would like to try it out and help us improve the product.

You can know more about WalliD and DocuSign’s integration :point_right: this article
And request a beta trial here.

We believe that publicly verifiable agreements, backed by web3 IDs will unlock a new era for DAOs , as accountability can be now added as new layer for their operations - governance deliberations, partnership and service provider contracts, investor agreements, merges and acquisitions all become signed by the verified addresses and stored permanently on-chain, so anyone can verify

Hope it’s useful for this community.

Filipe Veiga

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