Violet Worker Proposal 31/05/2021-31/07/2021


31/05/2021-31/07/2021, 2 months


  • Work with rest of Omen developers on delivering the best code that I can along with helping newcomers get along


  • With the Omen token launch and guild release there will be plenty of work to be done on the front-end side which I will primarily be focusing on. Also I would like to be more involved with Solidity as much as my free time allows since that is big interest of mine, but that is secondary. Some code reviews or tests? Cmon guys throw some solidity bones my way :laughing:

Proof of work:

  • Omen pr-s along with code reviews

  • DxDao blog pr-s along with code reviews

Gas costs reimbursement:

  • For the past couple of months I was in charge of implementing Omen Token Bridge v1 and v2. Since token bridge is not deployed on rinkeby I didn’t have option to test on test network but had to do all on mainnet/xDai which started adding up to a lot with current gas prices. If everyone is okay I will list out all the mainnet transactions I made and add them up. Here is ipfs hash with all the transactions and calucaltions : It would be cool if someone can check my calcualtions it took me hours to gather all these transactions and add them up. Heres good calculator


I will be applying as level 3 full-time for two months. Also I will be requesting reimbursement for ETHCC tickets I bought in value of 300 EUR which is 366USD

  • 12000USD paid in xDAI. First half of 6000USD upfront and second half of 6000USD at the end of proposal duration paid in xDai.

  • 366USD in xDai paid with first proposal for ETHCC tickets

  • 0.4978244735041299 ETH for the gas cost reimbursement paid with first proposal in WETH on xDai

  • 8000$ in DXD payed at the end of the proposal duration vested for 2 years with one year cliff, since i only applied once for dxd owed to me i would like to keep track of it until we have a better vesting solution. This is the only vesting proposal i created and these are the rest i haven’t been paid yet ( 1555$,2400$, 4000$,8000$,8000$)

  • 0.3334% REP of that 0.1667% paid with the first proposal and other half of 0.1667% with second proposal