Violet Worker Proposal 31/03/2022-31/05/2022


31/03/2022-31/05/2022, 2 months



  • In the upcoming period I will be mostly focusing on delivering the new DIY farming page versions 1.5(multiple rewards and single sided campaigns support) which is almost ready and when designs and smart contracts are ready 2.0 version which will include top up campaigns

  • Also if we coordinate on time the new Advanced Trading view

Proof of work:

Self evaluation previous working period:

What I didn’t do well:

  • I think I can def improve on the quality of code I write and my skill level I feel like I plateaued, but not sure how to go about it I tried going through some courses and reading up on react development patterns but it didn’t help that much.

What I did well:

  • Onboarding new devs like Berteotti, Milan and Diogo went pretty well and fast. I was working remotely for 2 weeks in co-working space and I will continue that practice, I found that Im much more productive and focused in that environment as opposed to working from home.


I will be applying as level 5 full-time for two months according to new compensation structure. Also in the first proposal I will be requesting ETH-Denver stipend along with compensation

  • 14000USD paid in xDAI. First half of 7000USD upfront and second half of 7000USD at the end of proposal duration paid in xDai.

  • ETH-Denver stipend=Transportation(1200$)+Covid Test(200$)+Accommodation (870$)+ Tickets(daoist 107.72$+214$ ETH-Denver)+Daily Stipend(5*150$=750$)=3342$

  • 10000$ in DXD paid at the end of the proposal duration vested for 3 years, since i only applied once for dxd owed to me i would like to keep track of it until we have a better vesting solution. This is the only vesting proposal i created and these are the rest i haven’t been paid yet ( 1555$,2400$, 4000$,8000$,8000$,8000$,8000$,10000$,10000$,10000$).

  • 0.3334% REP of that 0.1667% paid with the first proposal and other half of 0.1667% with second proposal


Super excited to see that new update on the DIY farming Milan :slight_smile: And you have been a great help onboarding the devs. I am sure Swapr squad will appreciate the effort on onboarding :fire: