Violet Worker Proposal 31/03/2021-31/05/2021


31/03/2021-31/05/2021, 2 months


I will be primary be contributing to Omen development along with minor commitment to dxDao blog


  • Mostly front-end tasks although I tried contributing to subgraph it didn’t quite work out. Also I would like to get more involved with solidity since i’ve actually written some contracts prior to joining dxDao(example) as well as some minor work with the previous employment. I wanted to start light and just help out with testing and get as much exposure to SC as I can. Curious what you guys think.


Proof of work:

  • Omen pr-s along with code reviews
  • DxDao blog pr-s

Self evaluation:

What I didn’t do good:

  • I think i need to communicate more clearly, half the time I sound like some drunk Russian :smiley:
    (I read quite a lot and primarily english literature but seems that’s not enough)

  • I learned a lot of new stuff by doing but I think I still need to dedicate more time to learning when I’m not working on tasks.

  • Educate myself better on the defi ecosystem there is so much going on and it’s very hard to keep up along with holes that I already have.

What I did good:

  • I tried to push myself out of my comfort zone a lot when working on Omen regarding tasks I took on. Couple of tasks were really terrifying. I had no idea how to solve them but managed to push through somehow with a little help from my friends. If I get in my comfort zone in the future, it wouldn’t be good for my growth.


I will be applying as level 3 full-time for two months. I’m not sure yet but I may take 2 days off and If i do I will make sure to subtract that from my second payment by 600USD.

  • 12000USD paid in xDAI. First half of 6000USD upfront and second half of 6000USD at the end of proposal duration paid in xDai.
  • 8000$ in DXD payed at the end of the proposal duration vested for 2 years with one year cliff, since i only applied once for dxd owed to me i would like to keep track of it until we have a better vesting solution. This is the only vesting proposal i created and these are the rest i haven’t been paid yet ( 1555$,2400$, 4000$,8000$)
  • 0.3334% REP of that 0.1667% paid with the first proposal and other half of 0.1667% with second proposal

As a new worker for Omen, Violet has been extremely helpful in answering my questions and trying to help me understand how to solve problems in more efficient ways. +1 for this proposal :smiley:

Also, your english is good!


Agree, your English is quite good @Violet. Keep up all the great work!