Violet Contributor Proposal 31/11/2022-31/12/2022


31/11/2022-31/12/2022, 1 month


Mostly swapr-dapp and swapr-sdk related tasks which will focus on fixing bugs and maintaining the platform. Along with in depth code reviews and ensuring we are following best practices and writing good code.

Swapr (60%):

Nimi (40%):

  • Features related to app and card repo
  • refactoring of app, bug fixes and new features

Self evaluation previous working period:

What I didn’t do well:

  • I could be more attentive to whats happening on swapr and more involved but its hard to maintain focus while working on 2 projects

What I did well:

  • I quite enjoyed working on sdk related tasks and learned alot from it…I would be glad to offer help if swapr decides to go with route of being the ultimate dex aggregator since I gained a lot of knowledge on it in the past few months. Also implementing react-query on the Nimi I learned aton on proper practices for asynchronous tasks and writing cleaner code. I started dedicating time to learning which has improved my code alot!


I will be applying as level 5 full-time for one month.

  • Compensation: 7000USD paid in xDAI.
  • Vested DXD: 5000$ in DXD paid at the end of the proposal duration vested for 3 years with one year cliff,.
  • 0.1667% REP

So I don’t have to submit proposal again there was a typo… I will be requesting 5k in dxd and not 10k as stated here and in this proposal