Violet - Contributor Proposal 31/09/2022-31/11/2022


31/09/2022-31/11/2022, 2 months

Sorry for being late again I blame Colombia :see_no_evil:


Since most of October we were in Colombia, my contribution will be mostly in late October/November. Currently, Swapr direction is not determined, but as of now this is what I have discussed with Venky and Zett as my responsibilities the remainder of this period on Swapr. These responsibilities are subject to change depending on the route we choose to go with.

Swapr (60%):

  • Add Velodrome to eco router
  • Bugs and improvements
  • Onboarding Mirko on swapr
  • Code review
  • Eco router Improvements - what I have in mind is moving aggregation of routes function to the SDK instead of how we do it now in the front-end which would make SDK much more reusable for other projects. Adam also suggested moving whole eco-routing to the serverless function which would speed up finding of routes significantly but has a trade off of being less decentralized.

Nimi (40%):

  • Features related to app and card repo
  • refactoring of app, bug fixes and new features

Self evaluation previous working period:

What I didn’t do well:

  • In order to improve my front-end skills I need to dedicate less time to implementation and more time on just learning and reading

What I did well:

  • I like that I’m taking on challenging tasks which I don’t have previous experience with and I definitely learned a lot by working on SDK( specifically eco router) and my knowledge on whole swapr stack is improving


I will be applying as level 5 full-time for two months. Will be requesting rest of Columbia stipend in this proposal.

  • Compensation: 14000USD paid in xDAI. First half of 7000USD upfront and second half of 7000USD at the end of proposal duration paid in xDai.
  • Columbia stipend : I already requested stipend partially here and this is second part → 1125$ Daily stipend, Transportation from Cartagena - $200, Accommodation + $800, COVID 75$ and ticket 340$ - Total: 2540$
  • Vested DXD: 10000$ in DXD paid at the end of the proposal duration vested for 2 years with one year cliff,.
  • 0.3334% REP of that 0.1667% paid with the first proposal and other half of 0.1667% with second proposal

Proof of work:

  • I finished 2 goals I set in this proposal mainly the velodrome pr which is done and moving all eco router logic to the sdk side which has live pr. I started looking into lambda functions and how we can move some of the sdk parts to it.
  • Code reviews

Front end pr-s:

SDK Pr-s

Proposal is live now :