Verifying Ownership of Multisig Address

The recently passed Treasury Diversification Authorization Proposal authorizes DXdao to trade ETH via the DXdao Developer Multisig

2. DXdao Developer MultiSig

This proposal authorizes any amount towards the listed conversion target of $3M to be traded via trusted multisig, granted that no more than 100 ETH is transferred to a trusted intermediary in a 2 day period, that the multisig executes trades within one day of receiving each disbursement, and that the multisig requires signatures of at least 3 of at least 5 addresses, owned by distinct REP holders with greater than 0.5% REP that have verified ownership of their multisig member address by signing a message with the multisig member address and including this message in a Keybase saltpack signed message along with the address that holds their REP and presenting this verification in an alchemy proposal. Note that some REP holding addresses are Gnosis Safes which unfortunately lack the ability to sign messages and also can’t be members of the multisig, and therefore, this verification process relies on keybase profile identities.

It specifies that each member address of the DXdao Developer Multisig must verify that they have greater than 0.5% REP. For the Multisig members who have their REP in a Gnosis Safe and cannot sign messages with that address, the follow process is specified:

  1. Log into MEW with Metamask using the address that is on the multisig wallet, and go to sign message at MyEtherWallet | MEW

  2. Write a message that contains the REP address you own, e.g. “Level K is the owner of this multisig signer as well as 0x583aCC79585D3cB195EA8125F6F80aD459B46313,” and then sign this message with MEW

  3. Take the signed message from step 2 and then sign it on keybase (so a signed message in a signed message)

Keybase => Crypto => Sign

  1. Copy the signed message from Keybase and use this in the proposal

To Verify the Ownership of Multisig Address using the signed message from step 4 above, one follows the steps basically in reverse:

  1. Copy the signed message from the Alchemy proposal and verify on keybase.

  2. Take the signed message that was deciphered on keybase and verify it on MEW at MyEtherWallet | MEW

  3. Verify that the REP address specified has more than 0.5% REP at Alchemy | DAOstack