Venky Worker proposal - Nov, Dec 2021 and early Jan 2022

Hey, This is my worker proposal for the next 2 months, November and December. I am late by a few days for this proposal unfortunately.

During this time, this is what I hope I would be engaged in:

  • Acting as a project lead for Swapr to complement Zett. Zett will own the product and vision, I am going to do my best to help that get executed.
  • Leading the SWPR single token reward campaigns.
  • Leading the discussion around SWPR staking, fee distribution, its governance structure and getting a plan of action together with the DxGov squad.
  • Continue to monitor SWPR distribution and look for new pairs to incentivise across the three chains.
  • Continue to create campaigns for the epochs and be LIVE on time.
  • Functional testing of Swapr releases.
  • Testing DxStats and hopefully find contributors that can help improve DxStats.
  • Functional testing of Carrot.
  • Not sure if we will upgrade Swapr contracts during this 2 months, I would love to test them and make sure they work functionally okay.
  • Help in onboarding a few contributors that shows interest in joining DxDao.

Time off:
December 22 to January 7 - I might be off during this period and would request for payment only if I worked during this time.

As per the worker compensation, I would like to be paid the following as per the spreadsheet calculation.

USDC - 7000 USDC at the end of every month
REP - 0.33% REP
DXD vested - 14.32 DXD vested (this keeps changing, so I will reflect the right one based on AllyQ’s spreadsheet)


Looks great. Always good to work with you. Just a heads up on the compensation:

I believe you meant to say $7000 USDC.


Oops, fixed it Adam, thanks :smiley: