Venky Worker Proposal - Aug / Sep / Oct (2021)

Venky - worker proposal - August to October

Hey, This is my worker proposal for a 2.5 month period, 16 August to 30 October. I would like to be a full time contributor for DxDao after this worker proposal is approved.

During this time between August to October, this is what I hope I would be engaged in:

  • Functional testing of Swapr releases.
  • Backlog refinement for Swapr.
  • Release of SWPR token, its distribution, testing the claims, working on the liquidity mining campaigns along with Zett and Keenan.
  • Testing Swapr on Arbitrum.
  • Testing DxStats.
  • Functional testing of Carrot.
  • User testing the Omen Guild features.
  • Testing of Swapr contracts interaction with DxVote.
  • I will also try to pick up some small development tasks / dapp test automation during this period if time permits.
  • Supporting Swapr related questions, doubts and problems on discord.

Apart from just doing testing and support, I would try to sort out issue workflows and backlog management for Swapr using Github workflow or using Zenhub.

Time off:
August 1 to August 15 - Schools are still closed and I do not want to promise any time commitments this time. I do not have any other planned vacation days during this proposed period.

As per the worker compensation, I would like to be paid the following as per the Worker compensation spreadsheet.

August - 3500 USDC + 0.0833 % REP + 4.78 DXD vested
September - 7000 USDC + 0.1667% REP + 9.56 DXD
October - 7000 USDC + 0.1667% REP + 9.56 DXD

This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021.

I will create an alchemy worker proposal in a week’s time to get an onchain consensus.

Past proposals:
Venky - June and July
Venky - April and May


It will be great to have you full-time, Venky! :sunglasses:
You will be very busy, but whenever you find time for it, it would be awesome to have someone with your skills help the dao with the documentation for the dapps. :pray:


I really think the documentation is needed for Swapr, I will see what I can do about it. :slight_smile:


On chain worker proposal: Alchemy | DAOstack


Nice seeing you going full time! Makes me bullish for swapr!


Thanks a ton Martin! It was too addictive to not take the red pill. :heart:


Hey, this is my retroactive payment proposal for the month of August to October. Listed below are some of the core activities performed.

Functional testing

As part of functional testing, I have been testing features for releases Beta 4, 4.1, 5 and 6 and currently coordinating with Zett, Daniel and Oskar for getting Bridge and Beta 7 out.
Planning the scope for Beta 8 and testing the farming page refresh Violet is working on.

Testing of Carrot smart contracts, creating the KPI tokens and validating if the distribution is correct.
Testing the UI and providing feedback for Federico.

We need more effort into developing and polishing DxStats. We should probably have a very good dashboard that tells us how well Swapr is doing across all chains. Tested for release of v1.3 and v1.4
Created a few feature requests related to include farming page on DxStats, Violet has worked on this and this needs to be finalised and released.

Backlog refinement and fixing the Github / Zenhub issue workflow.

Setup Zenhub for Swapr, it still needs enhancement and a good way to see the roadmap and what we are working on.
We started having 2 standups a week within Swapr that has increased the coordination and brought faster feedback time from my perspective. Daniel from SpaceInch has been great help in coordinating all of the Bridge related work, while I did my best to get him help in clarifications where needed.

Launching Swapr and DxDao base on Arbitrum.

We had a few hiccups during the initial launch, but I was involved testing the SWPR Wallet Scheme and different types of proposals in Arbitrum. I would have loved to spend more time getting involved with gov_dev, but had time constraints and a lot of knowledge constraints as to how governance is done technically.

Additional stuff apart from whats in the proposal

  • Setting up Armada FM with Chris Powers. Need to followup on when this podcast will be going Live.
  • Part of coordinating farming campaigns in Arbitrum along with Keenan, Powers, Nathan and a lot of others.
  • While Zett owns the Swapr product, I am doing my best to help manage his vision by being a project coordinator for Swapr. This is something that I will do in the future as well to relieve Zett from day to day activities and get him time to think and design more strategically.
  • Setting up of gitbook for Swapr (in progress) and looking for contributions towards finishing this up. Kindly reach out to me if you want to brainstorm and structure this. Once this is setup, we will move this to dxdocs.
  • Working on SWPR staking and governance (along with Zett and Federico) and would reflect this in the Nov-Dec proposal.

For payment, I would like to request the following:
August - 3500 USDC + 1372 REP + 4.78 DXD vested
September - 7000 USDC + 2767 REP + 9.56 DXD
October - 7000 USDC + 2787 REP + 9.56 DXD

I was also nominated for a shipping bonus of USD 1000 that was passed part of this onchain proposal here

In total, 18500 in USDC + 23,9 DXD vested + 6926 REP

Reflections and Improvements:

This is my first proposal where I became a full time contributor for DxDao and I hope I lived upto what I proposed. Some things that I hoped to have accomplished was

  • Get features shipped more often and try to get a proper cadence in Swapr releases.
  • Be available more in Discord.
  • Get Swapr backlog and workflows better, to make sure the team is aware what is expected atleast 3 to 4 weeks before.
  • hopefully recruit more and recruit better.

Some areas that we could improve:

  • We seem to be involved in a lot of parallel tasks, but it drags a bit to get them to completion.
  • Resource availability: Feels like I am drowned to figure out who is available at what day / time and find it hard to get to a routine. I end up going around in circles chatting away on multiple chats, and end up having a feeling that I have done very little. Hopefully, I will be able to find a rhythm towards it. Miss the standups from web2 world here.
  • Contributor onboarding: we need to find ways to onboard more quality devs, “buddy” them?? if they are coming from a web2 world or not used to RCF. We need to push a bit on the revised contributor UX model as well as they might help us be competitive towards other products. We are short atleast by about 15 to 20 contributors across the DAO in design, dev, marketing, support.
  • Marketing: We need to do atleast 5X more marketing, getting involved with community, how we measure organic growth, what initiatives we take. This directly affects all our products’ growth, reachouts, branding et al.
  • The 1 hour everyday calls: Would love if we can think and brainstorm a bit about how to make this better structured and communicated. Perhaps, a TLDR version of what happened that week in the calls would be a great way to engage and interact with the community.

Federico, Zett, Nathan and Keenan - Just because of how awesome they are.


One of many community members with much needed contributions to the DAO. :clap: Plus sharing valuable insight. :pray:


On chain proposal here: