Venky Worker Proposal - April & May (2021)

Below is the scope of work to be done for the months of April and May. I have briefed about the scope of work and also some reflections on my first committed worker proposal.

For April and May:

I would still want to continue to work parttime, but would like to extend it to 25 hours a week.
I would prefer to work fulltime with Swapr, as it kind of helps me keep focus while I also do my dayjob and can control the time that I work in the evenings and weekends.

Reflections from March:

I worked with Mesa helping them to setup SCRUM process and I think I did a decent job until the time I spent with them there.
I had to reassign myself to join Swapr to coordinate the Swapr Alpha and Beta releases along with testing Swapr, while Zett was on vacation.
I also felt that I committed to a lot of different things in my proposal and I was not able to complete them because of the full commitment with Swapr for about 3 weeks.

What I did well:

  • Testing and coordinating Swapr releases for Alpha 4 and Alpha 5 along with Federico
  • Testing liquidity mining for Swapr with Federico
  • Initial structuring of Scrum for Mesa with Martin and the Mesa team.
  • Helping Omen with their xDAI Dune dashboard with Kaden.

What I did not do well:

  • OKRs. I think I was a bit too early with DxDAO to understand all of the products and then drive OKRs. I would take a jab at it once again when I try out OKRs just for Swapr and then take that experience and share it with other squads.
  • Testing Mesa or Omen, I wish I had a bit more time that I can spend with other squads to know and understand the products better and also for me to learn the different aspects of decentralisation, but this is something that I want to pick up maybe after Swapr Beta.
  • Zero involvement with BizDev initiatives for want of time and priorities. I would prefer to spend more time with products for this worker proposal period and then get a jog on BizDev initiatives when we have launched Swapr.

The proposal is for the months of April and May 2021 and I consider myself a Level 4 as per the worker compensation guidelines.

Days that I will be off: April 2 to 5 (Easter). May 13 and 14.

I would like to get paid as per the spreadsheet calculation below

  • $4375 each month done through two xDai proposals
  • 5.98 DXD each month, priced at Coingecko ATH vested for 2 years with a one year cliff.
  • 0.104% REP each month.

Previous worker proposal:


Venky has been helpful across DXdao and a great example of how anyone can come into the community, look around for “what’s missing?” and take the initiative to add value wherever you can.

I think the OKRs were a great initiative that helped everyone think strategically and long-term about their goals. I think we will need to think a lot more about structure though and how it fits into the existing worker proposal process and squad roadmaps. It would be great for you contribute to this.


I totally agree with Chris! I think Venky is great example of how someone should join dxDAO, very proactive and willing to help in every way they can and give a lot before asking.

Although Venky is not a developer he contributed on dxDao landing page and was willing to help out with dxDao blog when I asked him(although it didn’t work out for technical reasons it still counts in my book). I always appreciate someone hustling this hard!

I also liked the OKR initiative I think we could benefit in many ways from this. Very curious what will come out of it. I hope you continue to work on in the future!


Theres nothing I can say the others haven’t already called attention to. Venky has been an incredible addition to DXdao, and a prime example of a driven contributor!