Venky - reimbursement, stipend and expense claims

Venky pending payments for 2022

Hi, there are a lot of items that I had made a daotalk post and forgot to create an onchain proposal.

Entity formation and maintenance

I would like request 3520 USDC as part of entity formation and 500 USDC for maintenance. The invoices are shared with Melanie and has been reviewed.

Paris expenses

I would like to request 1580 USDC as part of Paris expenses in 2022.

DXD from Arbitrum proposals

I would like to redeem 4.9 DXD from these failed proposals.

DXD vesting

I would like to request 57.739 worth of DXD that was unvested based on the above document.

In total,
I would like to request the DAO for 5600 USDC and 62.639 DXD and I will create a proposal in a few days before I forget one more time.

I will create the proposal in a couple of days and feedback would be appreciated.


Confirming that I have reviewed and approved the entity formation documents for @0xVenky :+1:


On chain proposal for DXD claim: Alchemy | 3AC

On chain proposal for USDC claim: Alchemy | 3AC