VanGrim (through Zanarkand AB) Contributor Proposal [18 September - 17 November]

VanGrim Contributor Proposal


Hello all! I’m Kenny (@vangrim on Keybase) and a full-stack Web3 developer part of the DxGov team. The DxGov team is currently in charge of building and launching DAVI (previously Guilds), a necessary step upon which Governance 2.0 will be built.

For the next period, DXgov will continuously work with DAVI, writing smart contracts to support the operations, and lastly to finally launch DAVI into open beta (if everything goes as expected).

Proposed Scope of Contribution:


  • Deploy DAVI for the closed beta on the Goerli Test network for several DAOs/guilds including Swapr and DXD.

  • I proposed a release strategy to QA and the squad. For the next period, I want to work closer with @ross, the squad, and QA to formalize and implement this release strategy. This will be essential for our development cycles going forward into open beta.

  • After the audit concerning our v2 contracts, we will start to plan and implement Subgraph. Subgraph will be used to support our contracts and create stability and speed (we are currently lacking in DxVote for example).

  • In Bogota, we will gather the squad to write a tech specification for the Voting Machine. This is an important step toward Governance 2.0 (maybe the most important?).

  • If the proposal passes, cooperate with @AugustoL to be a bigger part of the Solidity development at DxDAO. Working on issues cross-squads.

  • Continue to work on the roadmap of DxGov, this includes: maintaining the product, implementing new designs and features, assisting QA, and continuing to work on currently existing issues as can be seen here.

  • Continue to be active in governance and initiatives in DxDAO outside of DxGov development activities which include active governance on the forum and on-chain, weekly business/development/product strategy/governance calls, and other related activities.


  • Continue to develop DAVI and smart contracts related to DXgov.
  • Maintain and develop processes together with the development squad and the QA team to ensure a holistic product experience (maintenance, development, QA, development processes).
  • Be an active participant in forming more transparent ways of working (working agreements, technical decisions, mob sessions, sprint planning, etc.) in DXgov.
  • Support the squad with day-to-day operations such as code reviews, pair programming, brainstorming, and other tech-related tasks.
  • Be communicative and involved in DXgov’s mission during sprint planning, daily standups, DXdao meetings, etc.
  • Set aside time to help govern DXdao (from voting on proposals to discussing topics and helping/starting initiatives.

Time commitment:

  • Full time (40hr/week)

Experience Level:

  • Level 4


  • $6000 ($6000 * 2) to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal
  • $4000 ($4000 * 2) DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 18 September 2022.
  • First payment proposal: 0.1667% REP.
  • Second payment proposal: 0.1667% REP

I will also be asking for the remainder of the stipend for DXBogota

  • DevCon ticket: $299.

NOTE: The above compensation will be provided through DevX AG (@DevX) e.g. devx.eth.

Work Experience:

  • 2+ years of experience building applications on React, TypeScript, Node.js, and many back-end-related frameworks.
  • 3+ years as a privacy lawyer. Worked with a variety of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Completed pull requests for DXvote , DXdao Contracts , and DAVI

Previous Contributor proposals:


Kenny has really stepped up recently and is a super core part of the team, managing to bring new ideas to the table as well as delivering on technical implementations too. So glad to have him on the team as the DAVI project transitions into a product.
See you in Colombia!


+1 to this.

Great to see this.

Keep me up to date on how this will be implemented in DAVI, please.


This proposal is now on-chain. Divided into a compensation and REP proposal in accordance with the post above.



During the last two months, DXgov finally went live with the open beta for DAVI. DXdao went to Colombia to attend DevCon as well as have our retreat. It was a packed period with lots of new experiences, new people, and some new plans to move us forward in this market.


  • The implementation and work of the Release Management Process is the work I am most proud of during this period. At the start of the period, I researched the topic and then had the opportunity to present it to the squad. After that, I assisted the squad with working with the process to coordinate across the squad (devs, QA, PM). Having a grounded process like this is what will allow DAVI to be stable as we’re ramping up our efforts to reach a broader market. Here’s a sneak peek of the flow we came up with going forward.

  • One of the more significant tasks I tackled during this period was the Permission Checker. When a user chooses the actions they want to perform, they are warned if the action is not permitted by our PermissionRegistry. A video of the UI flow can be seen here:

  • We also got back the audit report of the dx-dao contracts from the Omega team, for which the entire team, including me, had a chance to implement some of the suggested fixes.

Went well

  • Implementing and iterating the release process has been a big win for the squad. It gave us a framework to communicate and coordinate around instead of having ad-hoc releases. I’m personally also very happy about the squad’s willingness to test out the proposed release process despite some initial reservations. Kudos!

  • After many changes and fixes, we managed to move towards open beta with DAVI. This will be very important for DXdao as we’re slowly rolling out more autonomous squads with their own financials. DAVI will be key in enabling us to break away from a purely monolithic DAO. I am very proud and happy to have been part of the squad that has managed to build this product and move the goalpost for the DXdao but also the DAO space in general.

  • @madusha introduced the architectural overview of the Subgraph together with a new project structure: monorepo. As early as tomorrow, DXgov will start a sprint focusing entirely on implementing Subgraph for our dx-dao contracts. In a not so distant future, we will be moving away from dxvote to DAVI entirely. This is naturally very exciting for DXdao, and hopefully, I can confer more concrete details by the next period.

Could have done better

  • To show a few more features in DAVI, we made some last-minute additions to our production build while we were at DevCon, and unfortunately, the changes broke some functionalities. These changes were made without QA testing and turned out to be unstable. Something we learned from this incident was to follow a clear release process (hint: look above) and not allow any last-minute additions that might break the build.

  • We still have pull requests in review for a far longer time than needed. For the next period, I will try to mitigate this issue by proposing a process/framework that the team can follow.


  • $6000 ($6000 * 2) second half
  • $4000 ($4000 * 2) DXD second half
  • 0.1667% REP second half

NOTE: These services are provided through DevX AG (@DevX) e.g. devx.eth.

Completed work

DXvote, DXdao Contracts , and DAVI


This proposal is now on-chain divided into a REP proposal and a compensation proposal.