VanGrim (through Zanarkand AB) Contributor Proposal (12 May - 11 July 2022)

VanGrim Contributor Proposal

Background and self-reflection:

The DXgov squad, which I am part of, has continuously focused on implementing Guilds during the last period. I wrote a self-reflection on my contribution and the project in this post I am now making a new contributor proposal for two months following that post.

For the next period, DXgov will continuously work with Guilds but also start refactoring large parts of DXvote, which hopefully means that we will have some of the bugs under control.

Proposed Scope of Contribution:


  • Continue to work on the current roadmap of DXgov, which mainly consists of finishing Guilds. We will also make available a version possible for QA during this period.

  • Our goal is to start refactoring DXvote following the summary we had during the mo session. You can see it here: Refactor Session

  • Continue to develop our ways of working, which I reflected upon in my retro post, which includes more testing, mob sessions, and tech planning sessions.

  • In the long run, I hope to leverage my privacy/compliance and tech expertise to contribute to DXdao and take on more responsibility.


  • Continue to develop Guilds. In the foreseeable future, it means wrapping up the tickets assigned to me, here and here.
  • Start taking issues to refactor DXvote, alleviating and solving some of the bugs plaguing the site.
  • Continue taking on issues related to smart contracts development
  • Be an active participant in forming more transparent ways of working (working agreements, technical decisions, mob sessions, sprint planning, etc.) in DXgov.
  • Be communicative and involved in DXgov’s mission during sprint planning, daily standups, DXdao meetings, etc.
  • Transition to becoming a full-time contributor!

Time commitment:

  • Half-time (20hr/week)

Experience Level:

  • Level 3.


  • $5000 ($5000 * 2 * 50%) to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal
  • $3000 ($3000 * 2 * 50%) DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 12 May 2022.
    First payment proposal: 0.01667% REP.
    Second payment proposal: 0.01667% REP

Work Experience:

  • 2+ years of experience building applications on React, TypeScript, Node.js, and many back-end-related frameworks.
  • 3+ years as a privacy lawyer. Worked with a variety of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Completed pull requests for DXvote and DXdao Contracts

Previous Contributor proposals:


Thank you to @allyq that alerted me about my incorrect REP count. I have now corrected it in accordance with the above.

Before: 0.1667 %
After: 0.01667 %

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This proposal is now on-chain here.

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