VanGrim (through Zanarkand AB) Contributor Proposal (12 May - 11 July 2022)

VanGrim Contributor Proposal

Background and self-reflection:

The DXgov squad, which I am part of, has continuously focused on implementing Guilds during the last period. I wrote a self-reflection on my contribution and the project in this post I am now making a new contributor proposal for two months following that post.

For the next period, DXgov will continuously work with Guilds but also start refactoring large parts of DXvote, which hopefully means that we will have some of the bugs under control.

Proposed Scope of Contribution:


  • Continue to work on the current roadmap of DXgov, which mainly consists of finishing Guilds. We will also make available a version possible for QA during this period.

  • Our goal is to start refactoring DXvote following the summary we had during the mo session. You can see it here: Refactor Session

  • Continue to develop our ways of working, which I reflected upon in my retro post, which includes more testing, mob sessions, and tech planning sessions.

  • In the long run, I hope to leverage my privacy/compliance and tech expertise to contribute to DXdao and take on more responsibility.


  • Continue to develop Guilds. In the foreseeable future, it means wrapping up the tickets assigned to me, here and here.
  • Start taking issues to refactor DXvote, alleviating and solving some of the bugs plaguing the site.
  • Continue taking on issues related to smart contracts development
  • Be an active participant in forming more transparent ways of working (working agreements, technical decisions, mob sessions, sprint planning, etc.) in DXgov.
  • Be communicative and involved in DXgov’s mission during sprint planning, daily standups, DXdao meetings, etc.
  • Transition to becoming a full-time contributor!

Time commitment:

  • Half-time (20hr/week)

Experience Level:

  • Level 3.


  • $5000 ($5000 * 2 * 50%) to be sent half on the first payment proposal, and half on the second payment proposal
  • $3000 ($3000 * 2 * 50%) DXD - Vested for three years with a 1-year cliff starting the 12 May 2022.
    First payment proposal: 0.01667% REP.
    Second payment proposal: 0.01667% REP

Work Experience:

  • 2+ years of experience building applications on React, TypeScript, Node.js, and many back-end-related frameworks.
  • 3+ years as a privacy lawyer. Worked with a variety of clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Completed pull requests for DXvote and DXdao Contracts

Previous Contributor proposals:


Thank you to @allyq that alerted me about my incorrect REP count. I have now corrected it in accordance with the above.

Before: 0.1667 %
After: 0.01667 %

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This proposal is now on-chain here.

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During this period, DXgov has been focusing on refactoring a large part of the codebase. Making a new repo for DAVI (former Guilds), bettering code quality with unit tests, integration tests (we introduced Storybook), and e2e-tests. We also took a stab at fixing our smart contracts from the audit reports we received back. Although, a busy period as always, I felt like alignment and productivity in the team were at an all-time high.

On a personal note - somehow I passed the finish line. This period marks my end as a part-time contributor and my start as a full-time contributor :tada:. I’ve expressed this many times previously, but I am grateful to the team for their support and understanding throughout this hectic period.

After a short vacation, I’ll be back.

Went well

  • Improved code quality across the board with unified code style, tests, and in general, more alignment on how to work on the code base together.

  • Good spirit in tackling the problems addressed in the audit reports. I felt everyone took responsibility to learn more about the issues and to better understand our smart contracts. On a personal note, I am really enjoying writing/modifying and learning more about our smart contracts. I am hoping to take a bigger part here in the future.

  • We got QA! I’m personally very excited about working closer with the QA to improve the products from DXgov. I’ve already seen issues being raised, which we’ll hopefully solve to make a viable and great product.

Could have done better

  • During this period, prioritizing and properly managing my time has continuously proven to be difficult. Since I’ll be transitioning into a full-time contributor, I expect my time management to be fully resolved by only having a single full-time commitment.

  • Communication. Trying to coordinate the team while working remotely, asynchronously, and across different time zones is a modern problem. I, myself, has been vocal about being clearer in our communication by writing more decision documents and other types of tools that allows contributors to work more asynchronous, instead of using the Keybase chat for decisions. But, I am also guilty of poor communication regarding availability and such. My transition into a full-time role will hopefully allow me to work more on alignment processes in the team.


  • 2500 xDAI (5000 * 2 * 50%) second half
  • 1500 DXD (3000 * 2 * 50%) second half
  • 0.01667% REP in accordance with the proposal above, which states a correction and hence the lower than the normal REP percentage.

Completed work

DXvote PRs
DXdao Contracts PRs

Final Thoughts

Finally transitioning into a full-time DAO contributor has required a lot of soul-searching. I think every contributor has their reasons for contributing to a DAO. For some, I’m sure it’s way less complicated than for others. For me, it has meant coming to terms with not being able to fully explain what it is that you’re actually doing (I think everyone in this space has this problem, though, haha), getting disdainful comments about the crypto space, especially during this bear market, and jumping through hoops just to get paid. You question yourself not only once.

At the same time, I’ve also seen the world shift to more uncertain times. Sky-high inflations in large part of South America (and now all around the world due to reckless monetary policies), citizens completely locked out of the financial ecosystems of their countries (e.g., Mexico), banks freezing assets for their citizens (e.g., Sri Lanka) during political and economic turmoil. I cannot help but think that there should be options other than the need to buy into this chaotic economic system. And there are.

So what is it that I am doing? I am participating in the frontiers of building an open banking and governance system. Decentralized and fully censorship-resistant - an ecosystem built by the people for the people. An option to opt-out of the current centralized banking system. But let’s not be blinded by idealism. It’s a slow process to get there, and in the meantime, refactoring the code, solving bugs in audit reports, and surviving the bear market is closer at hand than anything else. However, I would not be here if not for these beliefs.

So I guess in the meantime, I’ll continue to try to explain what it is that I am doing, give my best smile when encountering these disdainful comments, and jump some more hoops to get myself paid.

Anyway - what I want to say is that I am happy to be here and looking forward to the work ahead :smiley:!


I like your final thoughts here and the way you always give us a glimpse of that deeper bit that makes up @vangrim.


Great to hear! And I also appreciate the thought you have put into the “why” of working with DXdao.

One thing though, I think you should check in again with @allyq and @Melanie about the REP issuance. I believe the standard monthly issuance is 0.1667% of existing mainnet REP. And then for the proposal need to calculate the number of REP and enter that.


Hey John!

Kenny actually made a mistake in his last proposal and requested more rep than he was owed. So for this proposal, he subtracted the extra rep to make it even! 0.01667% rep is correct.


Thanks for noting this @JohnKelleher! But as @allyq wrote - I made a mistake in earlier proposals and am correcting it now. Let me edit the post for clarification as well though!


The second part of this proposal is now on-chain