Vance Contributor Proposal [15 September 2022 - 15 November 2022]

Hello community,

I’m Vance and I’m on my trial period in Swapr team. I would like to make my next proposal for October and November. I’m really sorry for doing it so late but I’m still getting into mentality of proactively posting proposals so if you think I should be penalized for this I’ll humbly accept it. I’d like to say what I was working on and share my reflections.

Previous proposal:

2 months
15th of September to 15th of October
15th of October to 15th of November

Reflections from October & November

Due to fact that Expeditions deadline is getting closer, I’m fully commited to building Expeditions infrastructure which includes backend, frontend & smart contracts. I’m actively working together with @skymine @keenanluke @venky @zed @adamazad figuring out best strategy for Expeditions to be most effective. I enjoy working with them because each discussion leads to product being better. Most of all I appreciate that my ideas & opinions are heared and taken into consideration, that’s why I feel a part of the team and would love to continue our cooperation.

What I did well:

  • Expeditions system looks good & I’m confident that it will be shipped in time

What could go better:

  • I need to plan proposals timing better
  • Swapr Token Picker is kind of untouched after first iteration, hopefully it will be picked up after Expeditions launch

Experience level: 5

Time commitment: Part-time (10h/week)
$1400 (DAI) distributed monthly ($7000 * 25% * 80%) for each month
$1000 (DXD) vested continously after a one year cliff over the two following years ($5000 * 25% * 80%)
0.033325% REP for each month

My work so far can be tracked here.


Great having you Vance!