Vance Contributor Proposal [15 August 2022 - 15 September 2022]

Hello community,

I’m Vance. During ETH Paris I had a chance to learn about DxDao from Zett and Venky which eventually lead me to contributing to Swapr.

I’m a full stack developer with 5 years of commercial experience (mostly software house & banking industry) with wide tech stack, from which most relevant to Swapr are React, Nodejs, Typescript, CI/CD, Docker, Solidity, Web3 libs (hardhat, ethers, ethersproject) and some Graph Protocol (I’ll skip irrelevant tech like Google Cloud, AWS, SQL, etc.).

As some of you may already know, due to legal obligations that I have I need to remain anonymous until I feel comfortable with quitting my day job and going full-time. Even though I can see that full-time contributors in DxDao are comfortable with working (and earning) fully on-chain, I still want to see whether this form of employment is for me and - what’s most important - whether I belong here. I’m aware that this situation may be uncomfortable with some of you but I also hope that all perks that come with working in DeFi (including privacy) are not only buzzwords. Having this opportunity I’d like to thank Adam, Venky & Zett for giving me benefit of doubt by allowing me to contribute in this way.

1 month
Starting at 15th of August

I assisted Adam on Expeditions Event implementation (API & UI) by introducing swagger docs that are consumend by front-end, doing reviews and fixing bugs. I made some suggestions on how ‘gamification’ user experience may be improved and I’m more than happy to participate in further discussions regarding the process.

While working on front-end I fixed an issue with undesired logs coming from external lib that spammed the console which I believe will make devs life easier.

My next assignment is to work on Token Picker redesign & refactor. After I’m done I’m planning to go throught the open issues in a Github and close as much as I can before I’m assigned to new task.

My thoughts so far:
During this trial month I’ve managed to learn a lot about how Swapr ecosystem works. I’m finding myself really well in the codebase and I don’t need much explanation of how things work (Adam - I hope you agree!). I still need to learn more about ecoRouter and ecoBridge because it’s not entirely clear to me how they work, that’s why I hope I’ll have opportunity to contribute in these areas (learn by coding).
I can see that there’s an effort to make use of Storybook but so far not much has been done. I have previous experience with working with this lib so I’ll be happy to help with migrating UI components to it.
Personally I found out that doing day job + part time contributing is not so easy as I thought it would be. After month of contributing I think I found my pace and settled routine that will keep me being productive. For sure this is something that I need to work on.

Experience level: 5

Time commitment: Part-time (10h/week)
$875 (DAI) distributed monthly ($7000 * 25% * 50%)
$625 (DXD) vested continously after a one year cliff over the two following years ($5000 * 25% * 50%)
0.010425% REP

Specifically for DXD the plan would be to transfer 208.3$ after 1 year and 416.6$ vested continuously for the 2 years after, totalling a duration of 3 years.

My work so far can be found here:


Hey, Vance has been contributing to Swapr and has been doing some great work on the token picker 2.0. Glad that he could try out DXDao and hopefully turn full time with us later on! :slight_smile: