Valeris - Defi for Colectibles

Hey Guys!

Shaun here. I would like to share a project that i’ve been working on for the past few weeks. Would like to seek opinions from the decentralised community, and hope to also contribute back to the dxDAO community.

I would like to introduce ValerisDAO. ValerisDAO is similar to many defi solutions, where users can put in “collateral” to borrow dai. However one of the key differences is that ValerisDAO only supports collectible tokens. It’s a small niche market, but I believe that there is a severe lack of coverage in this space. This can be expended to real life collectables , allowing users to leverage what they own to earn even more income.

I’m looking to integrate dxDAO into the governance simply because dxDAO seems to have a very active community. I’m not looking for funding but instead hope that i can be granted a small % of rep to vote for future projects and contribute to the community as well

I will be sharing more about Valeris throughout this week. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s input!

We’ll also be sharing out white paper on the 29th of June and will be launching our token officially on Wednesday!

Please join our telegram community here :

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Hey guys, I am pleased to announce that we will also launch our staking platform and ValerisChange, the collectible dex this coming week!!!