Utilizing DAO framework for Public Elections

Anyone have any insights on the implications of structuring a DAO (at the public level) to tokenize ballots and create a voting system where airdrops trigger the deployment of a token (ballots) on a specified date? The airdrop would be a 1:1 tokenization, granting equal power to each voter. The token is spent after the ballot is cast. Smart contracts would then tally the results in real time.

I would think DAE would be a more appropriate acronym. In short, I want to understand what the community thinks about structuring a DAO in this way to offset any potential election fraud like we’ve seen in various African nations, as well as Iran (albeit a speculative viewpoint given none of these governments would ever admit to manipulating their own elections).

Thank you for your insights.

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I think most major democratic countries will eventually have a blockchain record of voting in some form, to ensure security and stop concerns about voter fraud. It’s only a matter of time IMO.