Use Case Working Group


Session Notes 1/23:

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Notes from our meeting on 16.04.2019

Next steps

  • schedule our next WG call in one month, which will happen on the #Daocreation channel
  • hear a presentation from a group of people (Grace, Andreas, Pedro, Phoebe, Max) doing a mapping of Use Cases in that call
  • choose 2-3 use cases that this group will be focused on for the next period of time
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Weekly Genesis Digests
Resource List – DAO Creation & Design

Preparation for our use case working group call call later today (right after the community call) -

Since there are so many interesting subjects we could talk about, I thought we could start gathering them beforehand, in this document:

If you have a use case or topic you would like to bring that we can make a breakout on to go deeper, please add it in the table! If we have too many topics, we will dot vote on them to choose which ones to start with.

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Weekly Genesis Digests

Here are the Notes from our call today.

See you latest in one month!

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