Unstoppable Domains Integration

Hello everyone, this Monday I will be presenting Login with Unstoppable, a Web3 SSO that enables users to permission on and off chain data, on the BizDev call. Login with Unstoppable has several advantages. Users can claim and mint a free domain during the login flow (including .dao domains). Users can also permission data to dapps, including email, records, wallet address and more. Login is completely customizable, and one of the scopes, “humanity check,” ensures that a user is a unique individual. This feature can be used to ensure fair distribution of tokens for things like rewards. For example, if DXdao wanted to reward members with a token drop, they could require humanity check to avoid sybil attacks. Here is more information on Login with Unstoppable: overview, blog post. I hope you’ll join me on Monday, attendees will get free promo credits on our website. Cheers, Charlie