Universal token converter for DXD and "buy-back and burns" in general

The DXD token model assumes that dxDAO can generate fees/revenue in all kinds of tokens. Those tokens are meant to be converted into DXD and DXD finally burned.

This is a common scheme in token economics but to my knowledge now tool (contract framework) exists to actually implement that in an automated way.

Gnosis Protocol is very well positioned to enable this:
a) it natively enables any trading pair
b) it is fully accessible from smart contracts (in contrast to off-chain/L2 order book systems)
c) it is frontrunning resistant which is relevant

Developing such a tool could be useful for dxDAO itself but very likely be a useful tool for many projects.
The effort would boil down to a few safe-modules (~20 lines of solidity) and a bit of tooling around it.

If the dxDAO is interested in funding such a proposal we (Gnosis) would be happy to cover half the costs. In addition, we would be open to additional success based GNO/OWL rewards based on the volumes generated by this tool.

Check out the implementation proposal here.


Being able to automate a BNB-like buyback scheme without humans sounds pretty nifty, if I understand correctly. Especially since there are talks of launching our own exchange within the year.

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