Triangulair's Redemption Balancer under DXD Token Model

I am submitting my Redemption Balancer under DXD approved Token Model, following Redemption Balancer guidelines currently under signal voting.


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the transaction link mentioned in the post: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

@triangulair created 3 duplicate proposals on-chain:

  • [First one] Alchemy | 3AC → wrong requirements, asked for 1 GEN. Currently unboosted.

  • [Second one] Alchemy | 3AC → wrong requirements, asked for DAI but not ETH. I unboosted because it was boosted with 1,11k GEN.

  • [Third one] Alchemy | 3AC → this one is correct and asks for the right assets in the right amount, and doesn’t have duplicates.

I will add in the Treasury NAV spreadsheet instructions on how to create the proposal properly for future users, to avoid this kind of pollution.


Sans titre 5

you can find the spreadsheet here : DXdao Treasury Dashboard - Google Sheets