Transhuman Crypto Cloudminds -- This should be the end use case for DAOs!

Paper is available here

Considering the mutual benefits of blockchain and transhumanism, this essay proposes crypto cloudminds as a safe mechanism by which the human mind might
transcend its unitary limitations by permissioning partial resources to join a multiparty mind (comprised of human and machine minds) in a cloud-based environment. Cloudminds could have diverse purposes including problem solving (addressing future-of-work issues with Maslow Smart Contracts), learning, experience, exploration, innovation, artistic expression, and other personal development activities. Crypto cloudminds could be multicurrency, operating with payment remuneration, security, and (especially) ideas as the denominations of measure. For thriving in the future, mind node peers could enter “Yes-and” Payment Channels with one another for collaborative idea development. For surviving in the future, good-player behavior could be game-theoretically enforced with the simultaneous privacy-transparency property of blockchains, together with the immutable peer-confirmed consensus algorithm and audit-log checks and balances system. Overall, blockchains might serve as an institutional technology that is the basis for treaties and progress in a multi-species society of human, algorithm, and machine, guiding the way to positive transhuman futures.

I’ve been playing with this concept as well in my mind: what would a “God Interface” look like? I think it would resemble a highly connected DAO where “thought data” moves seamlessly across boundaries and people are incentivized towards collective creativity, etc… it’s a bit of a sci-fi topic but I’m very excited by the implications.