Transaction mistake


I seem to have made a transaction error while doing a trade last night and it looks like I’ve send my dxd to dxd. Apparently I’m only the 2nd person to ever do so.
I was advised by arhat on discord to this here for record keeping in an effort to recover my funds in the next few months.
Transaction was 17/11 @ around 8pm and it was 1.665 dxd

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@Bigdaddywolf can you sign a message proving that you are the owner of the tx?

If you can include to which address you want the DXD to be sent, something like:

“I am the owner of address 0xaaa and I sent DXD by mistake on this tx, please send the DXD back”

You can create a proposal later on mainnet requesting for that DXD amount, but we will need the signature to cryptographicaly prove that you are the owner of that address.


Above is the transaction has and below is the address of my wallet.
Is that all you need.
Thanks alot for you help by the way


{ “address”: “0xB5dF791f36F7172A1D318389fE9c111098fC29B7”, “msg”: “Hi,\nI sent my dxd to dxd by mistake, on the 17/11 at 9.13pm the amount was about 1.665\nMy name on discord is bigdaddywolfe, I have contacted arhat on discord and made a post on dao talk, Augustol has requested i sign a message \nI am the own of the dxd I’d like it returned to this address\n0xB5dF791f36F7172A1D318389fE9c111098fC29B7 I sent the dxd by mistake and I would like it returned \n0x5115e46774a310ef61f3bcdb60dfb2799513d5d5eb89f02027f80c86ed7924db\nThis is the transaction hash\n this is the message on the forum\n”, “sig”: “0x3ff300b0a67e65791389c04ddfd9694d2a5d4071a2ae16529a1b6ed7800ef49d3900a7324ee06191a20a43dc0a68ee433785ac5d6f94536459d4347291cee5151b”, “version”: “2” }

Could you please let me know if this is correct