Transaction mistake


I seem to have made a transaction error while doing a trade last night and it looks like I’ve send my dxd to dxd. Apparently I’m only the 2nd person to ever do so.
I was advised by arhat on discord to this here for record keeping in an effort to recover my funds in the next few months.
Transaction was 17/11 @ around 8pm and it was 1.665 dxd


@Bigdaddywolf can you sign a message proving that you are the owner of the tx?

If you can include to which address you want the DXD to be sent, something like:

“I am the owner of address 0xaaa and I sent DXD by mistake on this tx, please send the DXD back”

You can create a proposal later on mainnet requesting for that DXD amount, but we will need the signature to cryptographicaly prove that you are the owner of that address.

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Above is the transaction has and below is the address of my wallet.
Is that all you need.
Thanks alot for you help by the way



{ “address”: “0xB5dF791f36F7172A1D318389fE9c111098fC29B7”, “msg”: “Hi,\nI sent my dxd to dxd by mistake, on the 17/11 at 9.13pm the amount was about 1.665\nMy name on discord is bigdaddywolfe, I have contacted arhat on discord and made a post on dao talk, Augustol has requested i sign a message \nI am the own of the dxd I’d like it returned to this address\n0xB5dF791f36F7172A1D318389fE9c111098fC29B7 I sent the dxd by mistake and I would like it returned \n0x5115e46774a310ef61f3bcdb60dfb2799513d5d5eb89f02027f80c86ed7924db\nThis is the transaction hash\n this is the message on the forum\n”, “sig”: “0x3ff300b0a67e65791389c04ddfd9694d2a5d4071a2ae16529a1b6ed7800ef49d3900a7324ee06191a20a43dc0a68ee433785ac5d6f94536459d4347291cee5151b”, “version”: “2” }

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Could you please let me know if this is correct

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So as @AugustoL gets at above, it could work for DXdao to send you the DXD from the treasury, as the DXD sent to the token contract will eventually be recoverable by DXdao. And since we can see in the transaction which address sent the DXD, a proposal could be made to send the DXD to the sender address. (see Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan for transaction)

The problem however is that on mainnet the cost of submitting, voting on, and executing a proposal is significant, likely above $1K. So it’s unclear if it’s worth it for you to follow that process on mainnet. However, you could also do such a proposal on xDai, and the costs would be much more reasonable. Ultimately it’s up to the REP holders whether to honor your request, but in my opinion, it’s reasonable.

You could potentially use DXvote or Alchemy to make the proposal, and if you hop in the governance channel in Discord you can get help there in making the proposal.



Hi id like to ask for the DAO to recover the funds for you from the treasury. what do you guys think of that people think of that, as always thank you for your help.


Hi @Bigdaddywolf you can use DXvote or Alchemy (mainnet) to submit a proposal for the requested DXD. If you request from the address that sent the DXD and include a link to the transaction hash, I would expect DXdao governance to approve the DXD transfer proposal.

You can submit a proposal on mainnet requesting the amount and then presumably someone from the community will stake on your proposal to make it boosted.

If you have funds on Gnosis Chain, I’d recommend doing it there to save gas costs. It is a bit more confusing though. Here’s quick rundown:

Click on +New proposal, then select Custom and make sure the Contributor Reward scheme is selected. Fill in the proposal text and then at the bottom, put in your address in the Beneficiary Account and then paste the real DXD token address, 0xb90D6bec20993Be5d72A5ab353343f7a0281f158, and then input the amount. Note: need to add 18 zero’s because it’s in wei format. Here’s an eth-wei converter.


This feels very complicated for a noob like me

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Ive been contacted by someone called Hannah is she a member of your team?


No. Please ignore that person.


"She says she’s a dev?

Hannah is not a member of the team.

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Please join our Discord through the link on the DXdao Twitter and open a ticket there and we can better assist you.

Another prime example of why this is a necessity:

Im still being contacted by joe and hannadev

I had spoken with arhat on discord before he he had said to come on here. Id really like to get my hands on that missing cash as ive been injured at work and am now unable to work