Timebanking app for Curadao (Curacao) Proposal please gimme input

Timebanking App proposal for Curadao and Daostack

Can some of the people here with technical and ui designer skills help make a timebanking app as one of the first initiatives of Curadao?

The user interface is easy!

  1. Store the transactions in 1 hours on the Curadao blockchain of ethereum
  2. Being able to pay 1 hour to somebody else
  3. Being able to receive one hour of somebody else.
  4. Being able to see how many hours you have stored on the blockchain
  5. Maybe being able to get the wallet adres of somebody standing within 1 meter next to you by just close proximity.

This is the Minimum Viable Product.

I think this MVP will already work for the people in the film.

I want to submit a proposal to daostack to create this but I need a technical team.

I need a developer that works with a web browser and that can program the connection to testnet daostack and mainnet daostack.

I need a user interface designer (buttons, colors) for mobile phones. Someone who wants to translate my UI paper prototypes to mobile responsive code.

I need an Iphone and ipad app UI developer who knows or wants to learn the iphone ui coding styles.

I need an iphone back end developer who knows the interaction with daostack testnet and mainnet. And can work with the iphone ui designer.

I need a samsung front end ui designer and backend developer that connects to daostack.

You all, we all will be paid in time!!! I store your time in a time tracking online project suite and when we go live you all will get your time in your wallet. We will parametertrise the app when we deploy on mainnet.

So when these timebanking apps go live we will be wealthy in time.

Put your questions below if interested. Or if you want to help this possible.

I can experiment how the app will work with ruby on rails. I know a little bit of ruby on rails and cam help with the data models and entities to make a wuick prototype in Ruby on rails. But I cannot translate that into a mobile design and I don’t know iruny on rails that well. So if there are ruby on rails developpers who want to collaborate they are also more than welcome.

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Timebanking is one of the features we want to implement in our platform Confoederatio. Maybe we can unite efforts. To build over an own network specifically for social economy initiatives and cooperatives can give us some advantages, in the way is expressed in the document. For this kind of social currencies and CETS I think the best is even to implement a second layer, similar to the concept of Universal Login.. It also offers a much more user friendly experience.

We can collaborate from our coop for the HOUR token development, but we need to know more info and to wait some time because we are staked in some own developments and with no resources…

very nice to see that initiative!


This could effectively be done with Alchemy as is; users can “invoice” the DAO for tokens equivalent to the labor hours they put in a job and the DAO “mints” new time tokens. This satisfies all conditions of your MVP and could easily be created as a new DAO. Some additional thoughts:

  • No new smart contracts are needed to program this.
  • The most substantive development aspect of your full spec would be in building multiple custom mobile interfaces.
  • The ability to geolocate nearby “time” users could be done in an iPhone/Android app.

Great. I love this. I will submit a proposal for rhe gui .

Yes lers collaborate. You work on daostack?

User interface needs to be mobile.

I’m not sure that’s the right way to move forward here for a couple of reasons:

  • The team is working on a preliminary mobile interface. You’d have a better starting place to work from if you wait for this release.
  • Since this is already supported by desktop, I’d recommend running a pilot with desktop and proving the viability of this use case prior to any dev work.
  • Mobile devs are rather expensive and I’m not sure Genesis funds could adequately cover this.

We can surely collaborate. There is an agrobusiness on Curacao that stongly believes in timebanking. What is the next action you suggest?

Ok Pat.

Let me just clarify. The timebanking app is a wish from somebody on Curacao, an agrobusiness. She has land and produces food and she wants to introduce timebanking for paying for the food.

I do not want to make the Curadao launch heavier. We can wait for the Curadao launch of course.

But there is a strong need for a mobile interface to interact with the dao. People on Curacao wll have a mobile. Some do not have a desktop. The mobile penetration is much higher. If we want more agents in our daos to interact with our daos we might need to prioritize mobile development.

I have so far not interacted with daostack on my desktop. On my mobile although great I cannot see daostack and vote etc.

It’s being prioritized :slight_smile: if you think that developing another app in parallel is worth the effort I think that’s a wonderful idea! But if it were me I would wait for the team to publish a mobile version first before diving too deep into the development process.

I agree. I will wait. No dapp in paralell. I will first let Curadao fly.

This mobile dapp is a side app on Curacao. There is a need there within the agriculture scene. I got a sponsor (not with money but with passion) that is an agriculture /farmer that strongly backs this idea.

I will first let curadao fly. But I have just translated her idea into some mobile specs.

I can put this as a project to daostack to create the mobile wireframes. And then wait untill the technology is ready. What do you think about that? Or just wait completely on submitting a proposal to daostack, untill there is a priority ?

I really want to get into contact with mobile daostack developers if there are any. People who want to create mobile daostack dapps. This could be the first one.

Ok Pat. I’m following you. I will wait for the mobile role out.