Three Proposals for Governance, Bonding Curve, and UI/UX

Since the release of our report in August, the engagement we’ve encountered from DXdao’s community has been nothing short of incredible. Since becoming members, a few of our team members have been focused on a few key facets which we have put together in this report.

  1. Governance - We propose a new methodology for calculating voting power based on three main factors: DXD staked, REP balance, and Future Days Staked.

  2. Bonding Curve - We propose a new bonding curve shape, allowing DXdao to continue fundraising while also improving the scarcity of DXD.

  3. Unified UI & Improved UX - We present a mockup of a new user interface that aggregates all of DXdao’s products and membership functionality into a single portal.

View the full report here.

We look forward to hearing all your thoughts. We’ll be on the weekly call this Thursday to answer any questions!


Sorry about that guys. Seems like some people are being hit with a “Request for access”. Hopefully this link works better:


That’s a damn nice looking curve


From the calls (sorry for being unable to participate btw due to my sleep scheudle), I think the general consensus is that the current proposed framework for governance is strong, but hard to completely implement technically and right away because some members mentioned that it was a lot of changes. also, if I understand right, one of the proposed feature is in the works which is allowing DXD holders to lock up their token over time for obtaining reputation (please correct me if wrong), which imo is already a good step forward.

overall, im strongly in favor of reputation inflation.

I think the new bonding curve is great because there is a curve rather than being linear, I think in terms of how DXD price behaved and traded, i think many people who bought at the bonding curve sold significantly lower thus the bonding curve creates a overhang sell pressure, I am personally seeing a lot of speculators through etherscan where people who bought at the bonding curve, say, at 300 and 400$, then later on sell on uniswap for 200 or 150$.

a unified interface to see all the products is a +1 from me, if we need more front end developers, I can try help look around.


Completely agree with the proposals.

In particular I like the unified interface - > although I’m not sure a unified interface will scale across multiple product lines (as the UI/layout needs might be markedly different)