This Month in ENS DAO

Checkout last month’s This Month in ENS DAO. Expect these to typically come out the second week of the month.

Snapshot proposals (upcoming)

  • [Social] [EP2.2.5] Selection of an ENS endowment fund manager - this vote will begin on Nov 18 and will select an ENS treasury manager. ENS DAO solicited RFPs from 8 organizations and the stewards have narrowed it down to three:

    1. Avantgarde
    2. Karpatkey
    3. Llama
  • The proposals (especially Karpatkey & Avantgarde) emphasize non-custodial, trustless management. I am leaning towards voting for Karpatkey but Avantgarde also had a good proposal. There is a poll at the bottom. Please have a look at the proposals in the links above.

Protocol updates

Other updates:

Interesting stuff

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Who would you like to see ENS DAO select as its endaoment manager?
  • Avantgarde
  • Karpartkey
  • Llama
  • None of the above

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