This Month in ENS DAO (September 2022)

Aloha! As part of getting DXdao more integrated into ENS governance, I plan to provide monthly updates on the happenings in ENS DAO, tailored for the DXdao community. Feel free to use these as a general input for any ENS-related questions/suggestions.

Snapshot proposals:

  • [EP2.2.4] [Social] ENS Endaoment - a clever name for an RFP (Request for proposal) to have the ENS treasury managed to earn a yield. The ENS treasury is around $45m and the goal is that yield from this could fund ENS DAO operations in perpetuity. There was a call last week with several leading DeFi managers. It was interesting to hear this treasury management discussion, given DXdao’s experience. Happy to say that ENS is also interested in having sovereign, decentralized treasury solutions.

Protocol Updates

Interesting stuff

Join or attend:

And if you didn’t get a chance, check out the DXdao in ENS DAO post in the ENS forum about why DXdao is interested in participating in ENS DAO and what it hopes to achieve.


Thanks for the update! Happy to see @Powers getting DXdao more integrated into ENS governance. It helps us get a closer look at what’s going on at ENS and incentivizes involvement in proposals/discussions that can have a direct/indirect impact on DXdao operations.
Looking forward to the next update!