This Month in ENS DAO - Mar 2023

Checkout last month’s This Month in ENS DAO . Expect these to typically come out the second week of the month.

A couple of updates:

  • Name Wrapper draft proposal submitted
  • Endowment update & USDC/Dai depeg event
  • ENS at ETH Denver!

Plus other updates and interesting stuff from around the ENS ecosystem

Name Wrapper update set to launch

In a very exciting bit of protocol governance developments, there is a executable draft proposal in the forum which would add the yet-to-be deployed ETH Name Wrapper Contract to the ENS controller, which would allow it to register ENS domains and sub domains.

ENS Labs contributor Jeff Lau has been leading the effort and tweeted about it today:

See previous discussion of testnet deployments and an overview of what the Name wrapper update entails. This is the second big protocol upgrade done by ENS following the Change to Exponential Premium Price Oracle last March.

The Name wrapper update will also coincide with a shiny new dapp, which you can test out here:

Endowment launches, USDC/Dai depeg event

Following November’s vote to select an ENS endowment manager won by Karpatkey, the proposal to fund the first tranche of the endowment with 16k ETH was passed and executed (Caney Fork voted FOR). Some of the initial strategies have already been implemented by Karpatkey. About 22% ($6m) is LPing on Curve (ETH+stETH), 22% LPing through Aura/Bal and about 11% in Compound’s Dai & USDC markets. The remaining 45% is still in ETH. Check out the wallet here. Karpatkey will be publishing weekly reports like they do for Gnosis. I believe they are also prepping something specific to the Dai/USDC peg.

Speaking of which…there was a big discussion in the ENS forum regarding this. ENS only uses USDC and had close to $20m in DAO assets in it, so it’s understandable there were a lot of questions over the weekend. Some of this veered closer to panic, but now there is a healthy discussion about stablecoin diversity. Even talk of following in DXdao’s footsteps and holding LUSD…

Also related: Steakhouse has posted about how they plan to do financial reporting for ENS DAO (included as part of Endaoment initiative)

ENS at ETH Denver!

As always, ENS was well-represented at an Ethereum event and Denver was no exception. The highlight being the ENS happy hour at Union station. It was great to have the Nimi team there and also run into DXventures grantee, Karma, as well as DXdao community stalwarts, the guys.

Other Updates and interesting stuff

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